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Re: demigod worship
Date: Sun Aug 27 2000 - 16:53:54 PDT

     Srimathe Narayanaya namha
     There is absolutely nothing wrong in you partiality towards 
     worshipping only Krishna. Sri PoigaiAzhwAr in his mudhal 
     thiruvandhAdhi says 
     "thamarugandhadhu evvuruvam, avvuruvam thAnE
      thamarugandhadhu eppEr, maRReppEr - thamarugandhu 
      evvaNNam sindhithu imayAdhirupparE
      avvaNNam AzhiyAnAm"
     Looks like this pAsuram is to clear your doubt exclusively. Here Sri 
     PoigaiAzhwAr says, He (Sriman Narayanan) takes the form that His 
     adiyAr likes and takes the name that His adiyAr spells. So in whatever 
     form you think it is ultimately Sriman Narayanan. Hence adiyEn sees 
     nothing wrong in your partiality towards Sri Krishna.
     Regarding the advaitha influence, there could be two views on your 
     inclination. First your freedom to follow any philosophy. Secondly, 
     this being a list devoted to the VisishtAdvaita philosophical 
     discussions, adiyEn would request you to kindly browse thro' various 
     articles discussed on the advaitha Vs VisishtAdvaita in the archives. 
     However great achAryAs like Swami ALavandhAr, Swami EmberumAnAr, Swami 
     Desikan and many other AchAryAs have done great works proving that the 
     advaitha stand point regarding the Brahman is wrong and that their 
     interpretation of the vEdhas and upanishads to prove there stand point 
     is also wrong.
     adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,
     Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh

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Subject: demigod worship 
Author:  bhavani nirmal <> at JPINET
Date:    00/08/26 ?O 7:22

Dear devotees:
Born in an Udipi brahmin family, my favorite form of 
god to worship is Udipi Sri Krishna. I am partial to 
this form. Please advise me if I am wrong in doing 
that because I am not worshipping the Lord as Narayana 
but Sri Krishna. After all, I thought Sri Krishna is 
an incarnation of  Lord Vishnu/Sriman Narayana.  I am 
confused by all the out pourings of learned men of the 
group on worship of demi gods. Please enlighten me. 
During my course of study at the University I came 
under the influence of many who were partial to the 
Advaita doctrine and I tended to adopt their view that 
that there is only one paramatman who is formless and 
though he is called by many names, there is only One 
Supreme Spirit. No offense to any of the devotees of 
the list but I humbly seek answers.
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