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Periya Thirumozhi 10.5- dhaamOdharaa! Kottaay sappANI! thaamaraikkaNNanE sappANI

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sat Aug 26 2000 - 00:06:05 PDT

Dearest sisters and Brothers,

ThirumangaiAzhwAr in the last ten enjoyed YashOdhA's calling Kutti KaNNan's 
for eating "ammum". Now he enjoys Kutti KaNNan's sappaNip paruvam (clapping 
hands with joy).

1. YashOdhA PiraaTTi, the one who has most fragrant flowers in her hair, 
tied the little darling of hers, to a mortar and beat Him, for His entering 
and eating the “just churned” fresh veNNai (butter). He took all that 
beatings with His large eyes full of tears (due to pain). After some time, 
He became normal getting up like (and YashOdhA asks Him) one of arising 
noisy Dark Ocean like form! Clap Your Hands! The One who is like shining Gem 
stone! Clap Your Hand! (O~ngOtha vaNNanE! SappaaNi! OLimaNi vaNNanE! 

2. The mothers (of cowherd folks) became pleased with hearts swelling with 
happiness, when KaNNan entered into their houses and ate curd and ghee. 
EmperumaanE! One who thinks that these acts are most appropriate for You! 
(such sowseelya guNA of His is enjoyed here) Oh most beautiful One among 
this biggest cowherd group on this vast earth! One who has the mouth and the 
small Feet like the beautiful red lotus flower! Clap Your Hands! Oh Lord of 
Cloud like dark form! Clap Your Hands! (adigaL* aravnidha vaayavanE! Kottaay 
sappaaNi! Maal vaNNanE! kottaay sappaaNi!)

3. (An excellent Pasuram! Look at the play with words)
“thaamOr uruttith thayir ney vizhu~ngittu*
thaamO thavazhvar enRu aaycchiyar thaambinaal*
thaam mOdharak kaiyaal aarkkath thazhumbirundha*
dhaamOdharaa! Kottaay sappaNI!
	Thaamaraik kaNNanE! SappaaNi!

“thaam” (ivar) (He) rolled the butter milk (mOr) container, ate the curd and 
ghee and now after having done all that, He (thaam) is crawling.”- Saying 
this angrily, (thaam mOdha) Aaycchiyar (Cowherd women) mOdha- adikka (beat) 
KaNNan and tied with a rope, due to which there is even mark on His 
ThirumEni (Divine Body), and hence is called DamOdharan. Oh Damodharaa! Clap 
Your Hands! Red Lotus eyed Lord! Clap Your Hands!

4. One, who appeared with the chains unfastening automatically from the 
parents’ legs and hands, did when the mother, father and other are not 
around: - who drank the breast milk along with the life of the cunning 
Poothanai, (who had entered into aayarpaadi, causing fear fearing everyone 
in the world (not just relatives)). Such wonderful Lord, who had reared the 
calves! Clap Your Hands! The Dark cloud like colored Lord! Clap Your Hands!

5. KaNNapiraanE! The One who ate the poison from Poothanai’s breast! Please 
grant me what I ask for. I am offering my salutations to You. The cowherd 
women will give You big “appam” for You to eat. For them to see and enjoy, 
Clap Your Hands many times; With Your Beautiful Hands, clap Your Hands!

6. Oh son of Nandhagopan! Male Ox like Strong beautiful Lord! One who is 
born to rear cows! One who is of dark flower like colour- so beautiful! One 
who has the shining great corwn on your Head (indicating that You are the 
KING OF KINGS)! You stomach is not just a smallm silly thing for me! (aRpam 
anRu). I will give aval, appam etc.. for You to eat. Clap Your Hands! Pot 
dancer! Clap Your Hands

7. PerumAnE! One who tore open the bird (pakAsuran)! One who uprooted the 
“kurundha” tree! One who jumped and played eating the butter (hung from 
top)! One who strokes my breasts (while He drinks), with His divine Hands 
and gave me immense happiness! Clap Your Hands! PEy mulai uNdaanE! (One who 
ate the breast of that devil- Poothanai) Clap Your Hands!

8. At the stroke of midnight, when the mother and others were not aware, 
with the cunning heart, and with sweet words pretending with “motherly” 
love, Poothanai came in and offered her breast milk (poisonous), and You ate 
her life along with her milk in Your mouth! Oh most wonderful Lord! Clap 
Your Hands! Maal vaNNanE! (Cloud colored Lord!) Clap Your Hands!

9. You kicked the wheel (sakatAsuran) with Your small foot, as cute, naughty 
infant! When she came as mother, You, as usual jumped on her and hugged her 
and ate her milk and also her life! Parama udhaaranE! (vaLLalE- most 
benevolent Lord) Clap Your Hands! Cloud colored Lord Clap Your Hands!

10. “kaaraar puyaRkaik kaliganRi mangaiyarkOn*
pErALan nenjil piriyaadhu ida~nkoNda/
seeraaLaa!* senthaamaraik kaNNA! thaN thuzhaay
thaaraaLaa! * kottaay sappaaNi!
Thada maarbhaa! Kottaay sappaaNi!

Oh Lord! The One who has the wealth of staying permanently in the heart of 
Kaliyan, (who has long, benevolent hands that gives to others like the 
clouds and  is the king of Thirumangai)!  Red lotus eyed Lord! One who wears 
thulasi garland! Clap Your Hands! Large Divine Chested Lord! Clap Your 

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
adiyEn NarayanadAsan Madhavakkannan
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