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Why Narayana is the Supreme Reality

From: J. Venkatanathan (
Date: Sat Aug 26 2000 - 00:02:58 PDT

Pranavaakaarine Sri Ranganaatha Swamine Nama:

Dear Friends:

Here is a compelling reason that Shriman Narayana is 
the Supreme Reality. (Thanks to a Srivaishnava friend.)

Syllable count of five in the Panchakshari  does not include the ubiquitous pranavam whereas Shreemadh Ashtaaksharam does inherently inlcude the pranavam.

This is because the ubiquitous pranavam grammatically & etymologically refers exclusively to  Sriman-Narayana, to the exception of all other devathaas (including Siva.)

Pranavam means all Jiva realities (including you, me,  Chathur mukha Brahma, Siva etc) are essentially and
exclusively servants only  to the Supreme Reality, Shriya:pathi.

So those who use the pranavam indiscreetly,  think about this...

If you _interpolate_ the praNavam in front of your  mantra, (eg namachivaaya, shakthi, sharavana-bhava, ganapathaye nama:) the mantra would not refer to the intended demi-god of your mantra.
It will rather directly address only Sriman Narayana.

Venkatanatha dhasan

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