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Re: Digest Number 123

From: Sheshadri Ranganathan (
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 07:01:37 PDT

Dear Ms.Shubha,
               You seem to be missing the most important point that 
Sri.Madhavakannan is trying to drive. He's surely no politician to give out 
a piece of advise that would 'appease all'.
Many of the Srivaishnava Azhwars have always gotten so involved with Sriman 
Narayana that they'd rather consider Him as their 'lover' and more than 
that...and have considered it 'adultry' to be thinking about anyone or 
anything else. Please refer to the archives for some information on this and 
I'm sorry (like you've said before) 'I'm away from home' and cannot furnish 
the exact Pasurams(also because there are many) right now.

You must've heard of the popular phrase "LOkO binna ruchayE'. All of your 
friends need NOT have to be Shrivaishanvites. So, what's  not valuable to 
you could be valuable to your friend. It should rather be seen as a very 
noble thought of realizing that someone needs it more than you do. It's as 
good as a diabetic patient having a box full of sweets with a healthy friend 
beside him who could actually eat it all.
/You have written/
Shuba: "There is no NEED to ask but that does not allow us to be
arrogant about having the giver on our side either."

Let's get back to basics. Did your "Acharyan" ever teach you this?
It is very human to ask and God being the super-parent would love to see us 
ask(since it atleast helps us focus on Him further). And it is not asking 
for a bar of candy or for some chocolates. It is the ultimate thing every 
Jeevathma could ever aspire for. It is what every realized soul has 
REPEATEDLY asked for. Even great people like Thyagaraja have had to ask for 
it many many times.

And the bottom line is, Sriman Narayana is Paratatva, the ultimate truth. 
All the other demi-gods are what they are because of their Karmic virtues. 
If they help us focus on Vishnu and lead us there, a Srivaishnava would 
consider them his an 'Acharyan'.
It's prudent to shun any defocusing "self-proclaimed Gods" or Gods made out 
of men. For that matter, Kaliyuga has seen poeple making Gods out of movie 

If you are referring to worldly favors obtained out of praying to these 
demi-gods, like passing an exam or for finding a lost thing, then there are 
are a zillion vituous 'people' who seem to be of some help to us.

Asking for these worldly favors from somone who'll still help us with our 
focus on Narayana is what is desirable.

Yennapan Thangappan Uppiliappan!!

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