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Re: Fruits of action

From: anitha seshadri (
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 23:38:57 PDT

Dear Priya,

Some days back Adiyen posed the same question to
Sri.M.S.Hari but in a different manner. I questioned
him as follows

" It is said as per one's good and bad deeds
(Puniyam/Paapa Karmas) he goes to Swarkam/Narakam
respectively.Once we have attained the results for all
our Paapa karma in Narakam why should we take birth "

He replied me as follows:

2. Your second doubt on karma:
Never a jeevaatman enjoys all the results of his
karmas in one birth
itself. If it happens so, then he should have adopted
prapathi or his
bhakti should be in its culminating stage
(parama-bhakti stage).
When a person does good karma, he goes to swarga and
enjoys it and when its level decreases to a level, he
back (get a birth) to lower worlds to enjoy his
remaining karma. 
In this birth, he can gain either punya  or paapa and
again fall
into this cycle. This cycle has no begining. But it
can have an
end. The end is there when all his good and bad karmas
are made
to zero. It is possible only through Bhakti (as per
or prapathi. Further the karma is divided into
sanchita and
praarabda. As long as a person is there in the
material worlds
(from Satya Loka to micro-organisms), he jeevaatman
has karma.
Bhakti may take any number of births. But prapathi
alone has the
capacity to make the current birth as the last birth.
Please feel free to write to me. If you have further
and doubts regarding this or in any aspect of
philosophy and
practice, please write to me.

Thanks & Regards
M.S.HARI Ramanuja Daasan.

Here I didn't find anything regarding Narakam. So I
again questioned him 
"What's the role of Narakam then?"
He replied me as follows:

Now comming to your second doubt regarding karma: The
role of
Narakam is for punishing those with paapa karmas.
Those who
did good karmas like Jyotishtoma etc., reach swarga.
Those who
did very bad karmas like pancha-maha-paathakams reach
and suffer. Both these people, return to other worlds
after their
karma reaches lower levels. Why to talk about Narakam?
kaama-kroda-dveshams in this world is even cruel to
Listening to the divya-prabandam and the words of
Bhaagavatas is
the means to remove a person's evil thoughts. 

--- wrote:
> It is said that once we die, we go to hell and get
> punished for the 
> sins that we do, then we again take birth and come
> to the earth, here 
> again, we undergo a lot of sufferings. that
> means....for one action, 
> we get punished twice?..for one action, we get two
> fruits?...or is my 
> comprehension wrong?....

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