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Re[2]: karma
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 00:45:33 PDT

     adiyEn's sincere apologies as the message was accidentally sent before
     completion. Please follow thro'.

     Dear Sri Badri,

     When we surrender to Him, it is not just saying, I am falling at your
     feet, please save me. Here we have to do a lot of tyAgams viz.,
     kartrutva tyAgam, mamata tyAgam and phala tyAgam. The first one is that
     we should not think that doing saraNAgati is "our" karma and hence we do
     it, the second one is that we should not think that "we" are doing do
     it. It is only emberumAn who is making us do it. The third one is that
     we should not think that the fruit of the saraNAgati is for "us" to
     enjoy. This is what Sri KrishNa the GeethAchAryan said in Bhagavadh
     Gita, " Sarva dharmAn parityagya". The dharmam here refers to these
     kartrutvam, mamata and phalam.

     Now our AzhwArs and AchAryAs have brilliantly explained the answer to
     your question as to how our earlier misdeeds are gotten rid off when
     we do saraNAgati.

     1. Sri Poigai AzhwAr's says about this in his pAsuram " KunRanaya
     kuRRam seiyyinum guNam koLLum, inRu mudhalAga en nenjE.." in Mudhal
     ThiruvandhAdhi. Here he says that after  doing saraNAgati to
     emberuman with utmost sincerety realising the sEshatva nature of our
     swaroopam, emberumAn treats all our sins ( accumulated as tall as a
     mountain) as bhOgyam for Him.

     2. Sri AruLALap perumAL emberumAnAr in his GnyAnasAram says that
     emberumAn takes all the sins of the jeevAthmA who has surrendered to
     Him with utmost liking, just like the cow licks the dirt and dust
     from the body of the new born calf to make it clean.

     3. Sri DEsikar in his dAyA sathakam in the slokam (I think slokam no.
     91), "authsukhya poorvam" reitrates that emberumAn takes all the sins
     of His adiyavar who surrenders to Him, of course after understanding
     the true nature of the AtmA (sEshatvam), with pleasure and grants
     them the mOksham.

     The above points are also very much emphasized by Sri PiLLai
     lOKAchAryar in his greates work Sri vachana bhooshaNam also. AdiyEn
     don't remember the number of the sUtrams.

     There may be many more references to this and real scholars in the
     list can throw some light on it. Also we had this discussion earlier
     in the list and I request you to kindly go thro' the archives of the
     bhakti list for more information.

     adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan

     Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh

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Subject: karma
Author:  badri narayanan <> at JPINET
Date:    00/08/21 ߌ 8:52

Hello ,
A person enjoys in this world the result of Karma
accmulated in the previous birth.He goes through
sufferings in this life due to the bad karma
accumulated in the preious birth.Does it mean that
whatever happens in this life is due to the karma
accumulated in the previous one.Then how does
surrendering himself to te almighty help him to get
rid of his suffering that he is destined to go through
due to his bad karma
Srinivasa Dasan

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