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Re: karma

From: anitha seshadri (
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 00:51:43 PDT

Dear Sri Badri,

Obviously the sufferings we have in this birth is due
to our Paapa karmas. These Karmas are not only
pervious birth's karma but it is Anaadhi(i.e it has no

The detailed answer for your doubt is in the
Avadharikai Vyakyanam of the Thiruvaimozhi "Maalai
Nanni"(9-10) .This Thiruvaimozhi has the Pasuram
"Saramaagum ThanathaaL Adaidharku Ellam"

Karma is divided into two. Praraptha Karam and
Sanchitha Karma.Sanchitha Karma is which one has
accumalated during his endless number of births.
For understanding let's assume that the Sanchitha
Karma which a person has accumalated during his births
is some 50kg.
(becareful it is not so less its like a huge
mountain).Within this 50kg Emberuman gives around say
some 1/2kg to enjoy during one's birth.This 1/2kg
which one enjoys during his Lifetime is known as
Praraptha Karma.Note that to finish even this 1/2kg
one may take endless no. of births.

Again during births we make Paapam and this gets added
to the Sanchitha Karma.The sanchitha Karma goes on
increasing and the birth cycle continues.

Now, for one to get liberated from birth cycle there
is only two means. Bhakthi (the uninterrupted thinking
about Sriman Narayanan's Swaroopam and Kalyana Gunam,
which is highly impossible for us) and
Prapathi(surrendering oneself entirely at Lord's

When a person takes Bhakthi as his means to attain
Lord's feet Emberuman makes the person devoid of all
his Sanchitha Karma.Now the person has to finish only
his Praraptha Karmas.As said above it many take a
large no.of birth to finish even this Praraptha
Karma.So one may not no when he can attain Moksham.

But for a person who takes Prapatthi as his means for
Liberation Lord makes him devoid of all the Sanchitha
Karma and Praraptha Karma and leaves only a so small
amount of Karma which he could finish within the end
of his life(during this current janma).So a Prapannan
would have finished all his Karmas by the end of his
Janam and therefore attains the Lord's Lotus feet at
the end of the Janama.

Hope your doubts are cleared.

Adiyen request all the members of tis list to forgive
my silly words and to point out if Adiyen is wrong.

Thanks & Regards

--- badri narayanan <> wrote:
> Hello ,
> A person enjoys in this world the result of Karma
> accmulated in the previous birth.He goes through
> sufferings in this life due to the bad karma
> accumulated in the preious birth.Does it mean that
> whatever happens in this life is due to the karma
> accumulated in the previous one.Then how does
> surrendering himself to te almighty help him to get
> rid of his suffering that he is destined to go
> through
> due to his bad karma
> Srinivasa Dasan
> Badri 
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