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From: venkataragavan srinivasan (
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 10:59:03 PDT

Dear Srivaishnavas,

I was reading a mail on the doubts raised by a Bhaktha (Guru-Tara-Chandra 
episode) with reference to Vishnu Puranam.

Which one of the Taras, Bruhaspathi's wife or Vaali's wife, is one of the 
pancha kannikas? In either case, their character as depicted in Vishnu 
Puranam or Valmiki Ramayanam doesn't seem to be decent.  This is noted when 
Rama sends Lakshmana to remind Sugriva of his promise. Valmiki shows that 
the frightened Sugriva sends Tara to calm Lakshmana.  Lakshmana closes his 
eyes when he sees her drunk, fresh from sambhogam with Sugriva. Kambar 
deviated from Valmiki, went with Tamil culture and  shows that Lakshmana 
cools down on seeing the Vaidhvya roopi Tara thinking of his mother in that 
dress. The tale of Bruhaspathi's wife is more of 'Beephatsa' and has been 
widely adopted by many Hindi poets of Sringara.

I felt very uncomfortable when this was raised to me by a friend. I humbly 
request the learned members of the group to help me feel better with their 
explanation. I apologise if it hurts anybody.

Raghava daasan.

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