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Re: Yathirajar @ sarvajnapITha.

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Aug 20 2000 - 16:43:02 PDT

Dear Sri Malolan Cadambi:

AchArya RaamAnujA went to Kashmir to
have access to the rare text of BodhAyana Vritthi 
to prepare himself to write his magnum
opus recognized as  Sri BhAshyam
by Sarasvathi Devi .

Kaanchi KaamakOti Peetm is known also as 
Sarvaj~na peetam in the Advaithic tradition.
The Kaanchi SankarAchAryALs consider
themselves as true inheritors of
Adhi SankarA's DakshiNAmnAya Peetam ,
(Southern seat) where as the SringEri Peetam 
Mataadhipathis vehemently oppose that claim 
and recognize themselves as the successors
of SurEsvarA , one of the main disciples
of Adhi Sankara. 

The  BodhAyana Vrutthi has no connection 
whatsoever to Kaaanchi .AchArya RaamAnujA was born
close to Kaanchi and his ardous trip to the far away
Kashmir was necessary to have access to the 
closely guarded commentary of BodhAyana 
on Brahma SoothrAs  at the Sarvaj~na Peetam there 
to establish that the Brahma Soothrams of BaadarAyaNa 
(Sage VyAsA)advocate only SavisEsha Brahman organically
related to both sentient souls and insentient
matter, both of which are real (chid-achid -
visishta Brahman ).


At 11:37 AM 8/20/00 +0530, you wrote:
>                   srimathe malola narasimhAya namaha
>Dear Bhaktas,
>I learnt that Yathirajar visited  sarvajnapITha(in Kashmir) 
in search of the baudhAyana vRtti. I also learnt that 
a variant tradition places the sarvajnapITha in 
the south Indian city of Kancipuram
>Could learned bhaktas elaborate on this 
topic and porvide me more details on the same?
>adiyen sri malola narasimha dasan,>
>Malolan Cadambi

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