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Periya Thirumzohi 10.3- raakshasaas dance "KuzhamaNi dhooram"(Losers' dance)

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sun Aug 20 2000 - 00:52:02 PDT

Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

When someone loses in the battlefield, the losers dance “kuzhamaNi dhooram”. 
Here asurAs of lankA now dance “kuzhamaNi dhooram,” announcing their loss 
and praising their enemies. AzhwAr describes beautifully in yet another ten.

1. yEtthuginRom naatthazhumba viraaman Thirunaamam*/
sOttha nambhI! Sugreevaa! Ummaith thozhuginRom*/
vaaratthai pEsIr emmai yu~ngaL vaanaram kollaamE*/
kootthar pOla aaduginROm kuzhamaNi dhooram!

We praise the divine names of Rama, uttering with our quivering tongues. Oh 
valorous Sugreevaa! Obeisance to you. Please instruct the monkeys not to 
kill us. We are dancing KuzhamaNi dhooram. (Losers’ dance)

2. empiraanE! Ennai Alvaay enRu enRu alaRRaathE/
ambin vaay pattaaRRagilladhu indhrajith azhindhaan/
nambhi anumaa! sugreevaa! a~ngathanE! naLanE!
KumbhakarNan pattuppOnaan kuzhamaNi dhooramE/

“My Lord! Please enslave me and rule me”-thus Indrajith never did not pay 
obeisance to You, Rama and could not endure the sufferings from facing 
arrows and got killed. Oh most auspicious Hanumaa! A~ngathaa! NaLaa! 
KumbhakarNan too is dead.  We are dancing KuzhamaNi dhooram. (Losers’ dance)

3. jnAlam aaLum ungaL kOmaan engaL irAvaNaRkkuk*/
kaalanaagi vandhavaa kaNdanjik karumugilpOl*/
neelan vaazhuga! SudENan vaazhga! A~ngathan vaazhgavenRu*/
kOlamaaga vaaduginROm kuzhamaNi dhooramE!

The Swami of you all, monkey warriors, - Rama, - who can protect the whole 
world, has become the Yama of rAvaNan. Having seen that, we are terribly 
scared. Oh NeelanE! Greetings to you.  SudENanE! Greetings. A~ngathanE! 
Greetings to you. We are dancing KuzhamaNi dhooram. (Losers’ dance)

4. maNa~ngaL naaRum vaarkuzhalaar maadhargaL aadharatthaip*/
puNarndha chinthaip punmaiaaLan ponRa varisilaiaal*/
kaNangaLuNNa vaaLIyaaNda kaavalanukku iLaiyOn*/
guNangaL paadi aaduginROm kuzhamaNi dhoormaE.

The RAvaNan- who had his heart always and only on fragrant haired women- was 
finished in the battlefield, (letting the “ghosts” (kaNaNgaL) eat his body) 
by Rama who has arrows in His beautiful divine Bow. We praise the kalyANa 
guNAs of younger brother of Rama and dance “kuzhamaNi dhooram.”

5. venRi thhandhOm maanam vENdOm dhaanam emakkaaga*/
inRu thamminangaL vaaNaaL emperumaan thamargaaL!*/
ninRu kaaNeer kaNgaL aara neer emmaik kollaadhE*/
kunRu pOla aaduginRom kuzhamanI dhooramE*/

Oh money warriors- servants of Rama! For your victory, we have offered 
ourselves to you (surrendered). We are also warriors- there is no such 
“ahankaaram” any more in us. Please offer our lives to us now. Please do not 
kill us, and look at us, with your eyes. We are dancing “kuzhamaNi dhooram”.

6. Your Chief- Raman built abridge across the ocean by bringing mountains as 
stones, and crossed the strong walls of our lankA, and troubled us terribly 
in the battlefield. Oh sugreevaa, the son of the Sun! We are scared and are 
not able to fight with you. We are dancing “KuzhamaNi dhooram.”

7. Oh raakshaas, who have been born as asurAs and have not bowed down to 
anyone else! Like us, come here and approach them (monkey warriors). All 
that you need to utter is only this. If you want their anger on you to 
subside, do not talk about your valour or glories anymore. Greet Hanuman 
(the one who is strong since birth) and dance “kuzhamaNi dhooram”, letting 
these monkeys (who stand like our yaman) see our dance.

8. The strong, angry elephants, the galloping horses, the huge chariots, - 
with all of these the asurAs came in to the battle field, and were simply 
crushed by the most victorious male (Lion) Rama. If you do not want 
yourselves to be killed by these monkey servants of Rama, all that you need 
to do is: Dance “KuzhamaNi dhooram” and let the son of Dasaratha 
Chakravartthi – king of Ayodhya- Lord Rama, the one who is of blue hued 
beautiful Form, see our dance.

9. Our king rAvaNan, who had sharp, long spear in his hand, ran away showing 
his back. Hence. We have lost and suffered, thinning down. With a desire to 
live, we have taken the words of your Swami- Rama, on our head. Please do 
not continue to torture us any further.  We sing and dance “KuzhamaNi 
dhoorma” in groups.

10. For very long time, only victory has been theirs. Such string, mountain 
like auras, in the battlefield danced “KuzhamaNi dhooram” and saved their 
lives. This ten is on “KuzhamaNi dhhoram” was sung by Kaliyan, who has blood 
stained spear in his hand. Oh Bhagawathas! Sing this garland of ten in 
chaste Tamil and dance.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
aDiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan
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