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Re: KamalHassan's diatribes

From: Venkatesh K. Elayavalli (
Date: Sat Aug 19 2000 - 08:15:04 PDT

This is not unusual. In fact, I like Kamal as an actor and that is 
where I stop. Personally, not many folks care much about his 
religious views. whatever small following he had in the past has 
disappeared or crossed over to Rajini, who is a devoted Raghavendra 

While kamal goes about criticising religion, his favourite 
politician, TN CM K. Karunanidhi goes about giving out awards in the 
name of Ramanuja. CM has also, recently, written a forward to a book 
on Sri Ramanuja's life. 

who would have expected these kind of changes !!!

--- In, "Subra Manian" <rrsm@e...> wrote:
> Respected members of this list,
> Pranams !
> I am not sure if this information can be posted here, but still I 
am posting as I felt pained after seeing/listening to an interview by 
actor KamalHassan.
> On Aug-15th , there was an interview in one of the popular tamil tv 
channels where in Kamal was interviewed by Lyricist Vairamuthu. While 
Kamal had advocated his feelings many a times in his earlier 
interviews about his non-beliefs in 
God/religion/brahminism/Vaishnavism, this is the first time I saw him 
speaking like this.
> While everyone have their right to practice their belief (or rather 
non-belief), people with powerful voices (or rather acceptance) are 
expected to show restraint.
> He talked about why he refused to undergo upanayanam when it was 
planned by his father, he need not have used phrases like 'I did not 
need an aid to scratch my back in the bathroom' kind of language and 
talking ill about srivaishnavism as well.
> Being a born-Srivaishnavite, he could have been more subtle in his 
language. His double standards stand well exposed when he uses the 
same religion/brahminism/vaishnavism in his movie roles to further 
commercial interests.
> When a person like him (who can influence lots of youngsters 
through his actions) is using such language against his own born-
religion/sect, it is likely that many youngsters of this age are 
likely to get influenced by this type of double-speaks.
> All the opinions above are my opinions (IMHO!)
> Not sure if other senior members of this list concur with this.
> best regards
> Subramanian
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