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Sri HaygrIva SthOthram : Part VIII: A kruthi and the second slOkam of Sri HayagrIva sthOthram

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 20:59:19 PDT

Sri Hayavadhana ParabrahmaNE nama:
Srimath Azhagiya Sigar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Dear BhakthAs:

adiyEn will start today's posting with a small
krithi that can be sung in Raagam Naattakurinji
or VasanthA .

Pallavi:      HayagrIvam BhAvayAmi sathatham
              Sundara Aniruddha avathAram  (LakshmI)

Anupallavi:   Jn~Anandha-mayam svaprakAsam
              Jn~Ana-dhAyinam DayA nidhim (LakshmI) 

CharaNam 1 :  Aadhi-madhyAntha rahitham Vaaji Vakthram 
              Sarvaj~nam svacchandhanm Deva Devam ( LakshmI)

Charanam 2:   Madhu KaiDapa mardhanam Saarasvatha pradham
              aj~nAna-Naasakam Sarva VaagIsvarEsvaram (LakshmI)

(Meaning): adiyEn reflects always on Sri Lakshmi HayagrIvan , 
who is of the most beautiful avathAram of Aniruddhuan .
He is full of bliss of knowledge and self-effulgent;
Sri Lakshmi Hayagrivan is the one , who blesses us
with Tatthva-Hitha -PurushArtha Jn~Anam and is 
a treasure house of dayA guNam. The Lord of Gods with 
the face of a horse is Omniscient and shines like a clear
crystal .AdiyEn meditates on that Lord , who destroyed 
the two asurAs , Madhu and KaiDapan . He is the One , who
blesses us with Vedic speech and removes our false 
Knowledge and is the Lord of all Gods of Learning . 

The Second SlOkam of Sri HayagrIva SthOthram

Swami Desikan started the first slOkam on 
the Veda Murthy in the Vedic Anushtup Metre
and concluded the sthOthram also in the same
Vedic Anushtup metre. In between , he used four
other metres: SikhariNI , Saalini , UpajAthi 
and MandhaakranthA . SlOkam 2 & 3 are set in 
SikhariNI metre , which Swamy Desikan used
for the sixth decad of DayA sathakam saluting
another tEjO-maya DayA nidhi presiding ovr
the hills of ThiruvEnkatam .Here is the second
slOkam of Sri HaygrIva sthOthram:

savathssidhdam suddha-spatika-maNi bhUbhruth prathibhaDam
SudhA sadhrchibhir-dhyuthibhir-avadhAtha Thribhuvanam
ananthais thrayyanthairanuvihitha hEshA halahalam
hathAshEshAvadhyam HayavadhanamIDimahi Maha:

(Meaning): We sing the glories of that tEjOmayan
( effulgent Vigraham) , who incarnated as HayagrIvan
to banish the samsAric afflictions of His bhakthAs.
His dhivya mangaLa vigraham is like a hill
made up of suddha spatikam ( gem crystal).He spreads 
His nectarine lustre on the three worlds and renders 
them white. He generates the "Hala Hala " sound 
appropriate to His form as a Horse and through that 
neighing sound suggests that it contains the essence of 
all the Upanishads. He makes it easy for those , who
are blessed to hear that SunAdham , to understand
the true meaning of His VedAs.

Svathassiddham: The first word chosen by Swami Desikan 
is "Svathassiddham " to salute Lord HyaagrIvan. 
We will use the rst of this posting to understand 
the Vedic significance of this word chosen by 
Swamy Desikan.

This is indeed a powerful word with deep Vedic connotations.
Here , Swamy Desikan instructs us that Lord HayagrIvan 
is self-manifested and ever-existing. 

Svatha: Siddham also means self-evident .It is self-evident 
that He is ajAyAmanan ( One who was never born ; 
He is AnAdhi Purushan). The Vedams recognize Him
as Ucchishta Brahmam . As the creation passes into
primordial matter at the time of MahA PraLayam ,
this Supreme Self persists , since He is not subject
to change , decay or death. The Atharva Vedam salutes
this Svatha-Siddha , Uchcishta Brahmam as :

Rk Saama Yajurucchishta UdhgItha: prasthutham sthutham 
hinKAra ucchishtE Svara: SaamnO mEdisccha tanmayi 
--- Atharva vedam: XI.7.5

The essence of Sri HayagrIvan is summarized in
the above Atharva Manthram , which means: In the Ucchishta 
Brahman is sustained every thing , even the Rk , Yajuh ,
Saama , UdhgIthaa, HinkAra , Svara and Saaman rhythms
and rhymes . 

The front Portion of Sri HayagrIva Manthram 
( the first three words ) is an echo of the first 
three words of the above Atharva Manthram. 
His UdhgItha SvarUpam saluted in the Sri HayagrIva
Manthram is also echoed in the above Atharva Manthram
( Rk Saama Yajurucchishta udhgItha:).

The subsequent manthrams of this Tenth Canto of
Atharva vedam goes on to praise the glories 
of this Ucchishta Brahmam (Sri HayagrIvan) this way:

" UchcishtA is the name of the great Brahman , since
He is the undecaying self( Svatha: Siddham ).In the 
Uchcishta form is sustained the entire creation 
consisting of name and form ( ucchishtE naama rUpam 
chOcchishtE lOka aahitha: Atharva Vedam -XI.7.1).
Atharva veda manthrams ( XI.7.24-27 ) are great
tributes to this Ucchishta Brahmam that 
is Svatha: Siddham. These manthrams salute 
the Lord this way: 

" Every thing is reborn from Him after the PraLayam ,
the disciplines of divine knowledge , the sense
organs , the vital realm , the blissful realm 
and all categories of human beings (aanandhA
mOdhA: pramudhOabhImOdhamuvascha )."

We will continue with the other words chosen by 
Swamy Desikan with Veda Garbham in the next posting.

Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil V.SatakOpan 




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