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Status of Kaimkaryams : Final Report

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 05:24:48 PDT

Dear BhakthAs:

It is adiyEn's pleasure and joy to let
you know that the fund raising efforts
for "The Thiruppaavai Manuscript 
printing Kaimkaryam "has been concluded .

Sri Ahobila matam AasthAna VidhvAN , 
Sri U.Ve. PerukkAraNai ChakravarthyAchAryAr Swamy
has received now 1.4 laks and is atarting the process
of printing . Thanks to the enthusisam of
20 plus bhakthAs , who contributed directly 
or from here , we have overshot the target 
figure of 1.25 K Laks by a small margin ,
which can be treated as our SambhAvanai 
to this great scholar .

PrasAdams and receipts have been sent to 
all who particpated from here, India  and
Middle East.adiyEn did not get confirmation from 
four who had indicated that they are offering
their samarpaNams directly. They were on my
original list .THE PROJECT (PHASE I) IS NOW 
CLOSED .THANKS TO EVERY ONE ! We will wait for 
the printing to be completed and the copies
to be sent for the supportrs of this Kaimakryam.

Other Kaimkaryams:

(1) The CD ROM project on AzhwArs and Dhivya
desams is progressing well towards its target
date of Marghazhi month. The graphics and 
the voice recording along with the texts
to accompany them are making progress. As
you can imagine , it is a huge task to
be (1) authentic (2) asthetic and (3) informative.
My prayer is "MahAnthO anugrahNanthu" . adiyEn
will keep you posted once the time consuming
part of the work is completed .The graphics are
beautiful. adiyEn will be happy to send one or two
sample graphics on PeriyAzhwAr related section
for those who want to experience the quality of
the effort of the graphic designers .

(2) The gold plating of the ThridhaNdam 
for Udayavar Moolavar is awaiting completion 
soon and the ThridhaNdam should join the dhivya
Hastham of Sri EmperumAnAr at Sri VilliputthUr .,

(3) adiyEn takes the opportunity to thank all
BhakthAs , who have taken part in previous
Kaimkaryams ( Sri Oppilaippan RathnAngi ,
Mutthangis for Moolavar and Uthsavars , 
MaaNikka KoNdai for Sri Bhumi devi,
Special AbharaNams for Godhai at Sri VilliputthUr,
Mutthangi for Sri Deava Naathan at ThiruvahIndhrapuram
(Moolavar) and others .

(4)AdiyEn would like now to conclude my role 
as a direct fund raiser from here on 
because of the enormous time and effort
it takes to keep track of the many stages of
parallel kaimkaryams . adiyEn will take 
part in future kaimkaryams in another mannner
(Viz)., namely , write about them and work
with the different fund raisers and support 
them in their valued efforts on behalf of
our ancient samprahdAyam. 

The development of Kaimkarya Ruchi is 
an essential aspect of our Sri VaishNava 
Dharmam and one can not abandon it for 
whatever reason until the last breath. One should 
" wear out this deham and not rust out "
in service of AchAryan , BhAgavathAs and
Dhivya dampathis. This adiyEn believes in
and will continue my Kaimkaryams largely thru
writing on what little adiyEn has gained
from studies at the AchAryan's sacred feet
and help other BhagavathAs , who are actively
engaged in fund raidsing efforts for important
causes that will help spread the message of our
ancient and revered SampradhAyam . AdiyEn
will also alert you about various needs 
and put you in touch with the key person
involved with those kaimkaryams .

Thanking you all once again for all 
of your dedicated suport in the  successful
completion of earlier and current Kaimkaryams.

Sri KrishNArpaNamasthu . 
Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan     


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