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Periya Thirumozhi 10.2- Sing this ten; there will be no more sorrows

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 06:37:51 PDT

Srimathe Gopaladesika mahadesikaya Namah:
Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

ThirumangaiAzhwAr so far enjoyed the Divya Desam perumALs. Now He starts 
enjoying vibhava avatars (Rama, Krishna and others). This ten especially is 
beautiful. The asurAs – raakshasaas of lankA have now been deserted after 
the king rAvaNan’s death. They are scared and have started praising Sri Rama 
and His army so that they will be spared. The pAsurams end with “ponganttham 
pongO”.. ( I don’t know its translation.. But could it be called “victory to 
thee.. (you.) erudite scholars may like to add…). AzhwAr, in order to sing 
in praise of Rama has also taken the role of rAkshassas even. The objective 
is to sing in praise of Him; so how does it belittle, if it is sung in the 
role of raakshasaas? IT will not.

1. Due to our king rAvaNan’s merciless act of doing wrong deeds has now 
started paying dividends on us too. Look at this. What is the use of talking 
about it now? RAvaNan is already killed and dead. To whom else can we advise 
now hereafter? Oh the chief of monkey army! Oh iLaya perumALE (LakshmaNA!) 
RamapiraanE! The One who carries the most beautiful Divine Bow! There is no 
chance of our winning any more as there is none else on our side to bring 
victory. We are scared.. We are hailing solidly, “thadampo~ngattham 
po~ngO..” (Victory to you.)

2. Strong king of ours- rAvaNan with ten heads, the strong twenty shoulders, 
lost his sense on women and lost his wealth thereby. We (his servants) do 
not know what to do. We are unfortunate to be stuck with this situation, due 
to our no bondage or connection with the peerless, unmatched Sri Ramapiraan, 
with unparalleled two shoulders, and one shining crown. Oh our father-like 
Ramaa! Do not kill us. (paavam.. Lord Rama would have surely taken pity on 
them. What an anubhavam of AzhwAr!)  We are scared.. We are hailing solidly, 
“thadampo~ngattham po~ngO..” (Victory to you.)

3. With no mercy, our king entered into dhaNdakaaraNyam and abducted SitA 
PiraaTTi and finished due to that terrible fault he had committed. In this 
regard, we are faultless. Oh Dasaratha’s son! The One who does not punish 
those who are innocent and are not at fault! What is there to talk about the 
raakshasa kulam that has lost its sense due to their desire after women? You 
have perfroemd the act that is desired by Devas (having killed our king). We 
are scared.. We are hailing solidly, “thadampo~ngattham po~ngO..” (Victory 
to you.)

4. In front of the strong king rAvaNan, who is never in dearth of weapons, 
his brother vibhIshaNan prostrated at his feet and then scolded him saying, 
“you have sought the poison to finish off the raakshasa kulam by bringing in 
PiraaTTi.”. To the likes of all these monkeys, we are suffering having lost 
in the battle. Take the PiraaTTi who has black tresses that has curls, 
length, coolness, beauty and darkness. We are scared.. We are hailing 
solidly, “thadampo~ngattham po~ngO..” (Victory to you.)

5. our niyanthaa – king rAvaNan, who has golden crown on his head, has 
brought in the beautiful Goddess (Deivam) SitA PiraaTTi and imprisoned her 
in the new (fresh-) beautiful asOka vanam and has committed great blunder. 
Due to that blunder, Kumbhan and Nikumbhan have perished. The yama himself 
(one who had run away from rAvaNan with fear earlier) now, in human form has 
come to finish us off- it appears. (Meaning: the death has come to us in the 
from of Rama.) We are scared.. We are hailing solidly, “thadampo~ngattham 
po~ngO..” (Victory to you.)

6. Crossing the vast, wavy, noisy ocean, and destroying the most fragrant 
asOka vanam, killing the son (akshayakumaran) of rAvaNan and others, burnt 
the entire city with the fire from his tail, the messenger monkey did all 
that was enough for rAvaNan to simply hand over SitA PiraaTTi to him 
(Hanumaan). Now we, the innocent ones, stand here shivering with fear, are 
suffering. aiyO! We are scared.. We are hailing solidly, “thadampo~ngattham 
po~ngO..” (Victory to you.)

7. The moment You crossed the ocean by building a bridge on deep ocean, 
rAvaNan should have handed over PiraaTTi (the tender waisted, creeper like, 
deer eyed youthful, beautiful one) to You. He had ahankaaram and haughtiness 
and had lusty temptation / desire foolishly and idiotically. You may want to 
finish the lankA city and capture the same completely, maNi vaNNA!. But we 
are not guilty. We are scared.. We are hailing solidly, “thadampo~ngattham 
po~ngO..” (Victory to you.)

8. When there are very beautiful fish like eyed wives of the likes of 
maNdOthari for our king, having ignored to hug their tender breasts, he 
imprisoned PiraaTTi thinking that “those who belong her in her side, are all 
simply some sages; what can they do with me?” and had dirty, crooked 
thoughts in his mind. We are scared of Rama, who sent strong arrows through 
the strong chest of rAvaNan; who (Rama) has strong beautiful shoulders like 
manmathan (even while facing death,  they still enjoy the beauty of Raman’s 
shoulders). He only can save us. We are hailing solidly, “thadampo~ngattham 
po~ngO..” (Victory to you.)

9. Within a fraction of second, Sivan burnt the Tripuram. Rama’s arrows are 
fierier than that of Sivan’s. We prostrate at Your Feet with Jaambhavann 
standing next to You. Oh Sugreevaa! The son of the Sun That shines all over 
the world giving brightness everywhere! Please have mercy on us. Oh chief of 
monkey army! Please do not kill us and do spare us. We have told what we 
wanted to tell. .. We are hailing solidly, “thadampo~ngattham po~ngO..” 
(Victory to you.)

10. Oh servants (of Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan)! This ten is on Rama 
Piraan, who destroyed lankA, and cleared the minds of Devas. This ten of 
“Ponganatham pongO” has been sung by Kaliyan, who can ride the strong, 
“aadal maa” horse. Sing this ten everywhere on the earth and dance with joy! 
There is absolutely NO WORRY or grievance for you hereafter. When you die, 
the place of residence is only Paramapadham (SrivaikuNtam). Learn that. We 
are hailing solidly. Victory to you.. “thadampo~ngattham po~ngO..”

Thirumangai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE saraNam
Narayana Narayana
AdiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan
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