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Re: [pseudo-gods and hinduism]

From: M.S.HARI (Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari) (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 07:18:59 PDT

Dear Shree/Shreemathi Shuba <>,

You have written:
>Maybe because in the Bhagavad Gita Bhagawan Sri Krishna says 
>that I am the only god and no matter which route you choose, 
>you will finally come to me if you follow the path you have 
>chosen with sincerity and faith? If you take him at his word, 
>what difference does it make if the person is addressed as a 
>muslim or a christian in his human form? Isn't it only true and 
>sincere faith that matters? We will all reach the lord's lotus 
>feet in the end, he promises us.
May I request you to kindly quote the verse from Bhagavad Gita
which you have refered above in the interpretation! Please.

You have written:
>That brings to my mind a quote by Swami Chinmayananda " There 
>are only two kinds of people in this world - Hindus and people
>who are actually hindus but dont know it yet!" :) 
Please tell me what is the definition of "Hindu"/"Hinduism"?
I have not understood it.

>I have my misgivings about the above statement - If the "soul" 
>is the atman and if we believe our scriptures that say "Tat 
>Tvam asi", then aren't all of us manifestations of god? Please 
>correct me if I am wrong - I though it was because we Hindus 
May I request you to kindly let me know what you mean by 
"manifestations of god?".

You have written:
>nature of what Rome is - similarly god. All that I ask is I be 
>allowed to call god by the name that I prefer - Sri Krishna and 
>be allowed to follow my path of reaching him. 
Do you mean here that "anumAnam" can be considered as authority to
establish "God"? 

Thanks & Regards
M.S.HARI Ramanuja Daasan.

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