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Pseudo Gods etc.

From: Sriram Ranganathan (
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 18:55:00 PDT

Dear Members,

True, we have a responsibility to assist the common folks to understand and
appreciate our philosophy and religion, but I personally feel we don't have
to do away with any correct practices in our temples, matams and Ashramams,
just for the sake of attracting more followers. Over time, this will be
We can raise the awareness through more books, cassettes, CDs, web-sites and
discourses, thereby de-mystifying Sri Vaishnavam.

Having said that, we should do everything possible to teach our sons and
daughters the essence of our sampradAyam and encourage them to follow it, by
setting an example. This will prevent existing Sri Vaishnavas from flocking
around pseudo-gurus or cults.

Our approach should be,  "We understand the right path (meaning, Sri
Vaishnavam) and we will help those interested. We do not seek the ones who
do not want it or those that do not have the time for it."

Sriram Ranganathan

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