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Pseudo Gods etc.,---Contd...
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 16:14:25 PDT

Dear Bhagavathas,
Ms.Subha has made a correct assessment of one of the main reasons why our 
people are moving away to another stream. I have already stated that there 
is no purpose in condemning them with strong words and  it will be clear 
from the lady's personal experience that there seems to be a strong sense 
of participation which seems to attract so many from all over the world 
which needs to be replicated in ou own institutions.

However we need not worry so much about the dangers of conversion here, we 
should realise that after more than 300 years the total christian 
population is appr. 25 million and it's growth rate is the same as the 

The most important aspect which should concern all of us are:
i)how will we manage to take the teachings of Bhagawan Ramanuja, Sri 
Nigamantha Desika , Sri MAnavala Mamuni and their Successors who have been 
and are Great Acharyas in their own right to the common persons in a very 
simple manner and in a language they can understand and follow?

ii)since we are supposed to learn the said essences of Visishtadvaitha 
thro' these Acharya Purushas, are we devising a system more suited to the 
fast changing world which looks for instant solutions to every problem in 
life OR are we going to take our usual systems forward which , to me, 
looks as if will admit fewer and fewer members into the inner learning 

iii)how do we impress upon and convey to the most common and the poorest 
sishya or abhimani the baic essence of our pilosophy and the teachings of 
our Acharyas?

iv)do we accept that the system is now more structured to reach out to and 
to teach the affluent and if so,how do we ensure that all are made equally 
welcome in these places of learning?

These are some prelimnary questions that need to be addressed to and some 
viable answers found.

One immediate answer( not a panacea ) that comes to my mind is that we 
eliminate all Dress codes for persons entering these Mutts and Asramams 
excepting inside the sanctum sanctorum or the Madappali to start with.It 
is becoming more and more difficult to convince and to persuade persons to 
come over , pay their respects to the Acharyas and receive their blessings 
and their teachings.Another suggestion would be to make these institutions 
open to all SriVaishnavaites without any sectarian restrictions and NOT 
show any discrimination.

I have held and am holding a responsible position and am convinced that 
the time for action is now without resorting to flippant comments.Believe 
me i have been there for nearly 28 years and there are several ways we can 
broadbase our institutions without losing our sanctity or the glory of our 
Asramams or Mutts.

Again i will visit these pages in due course with further comments.

Adiyen Srimad Andavan Thiruvadi,

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