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Re: Kainkaryam to aacharyan

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 15:29:18 PDT

Dear Sri Mani Varadarajan :

Thanks very much for your welcome clarification 
of my abbreviated statements.

What I meant was Swamy Desika sampradhayam ,
(Vada kalai)includes Ahobila Matam , ParakAla matam 
along with Munithraya sampradhAyam. That 
was the intention behind the title:
" Vadakalai/Munithrayam ". I can see where 
there could have been room for confusion .

Those who wish to know more about the Life
and works of the Founder of the Munithraya
SampradhAyam (Sri Thirukkudanthai Gopala
MahA Desikan ) are requested to browse my detailed 
earlier postings on the AparyApthAmrutha DhyAna SopAnam 
composed by Sri Thirukkudanthai Gopala MahA Desikan
archived in the Bhakthi List. I have commented
extensively on each of these slOkams on 
Sri AarAvamudhan of Thirukkudanthai, which is
modelled after Sawmy Desikan's Sri Bahgavath
DhyAna SOpAanam on Lord RanganAtha,which in turn
is modelled after TheiuppANAzhwAr's AmalanAdhipirAn. 

Regarding the origin of the name Munithrayam,
some say it is associated with the three other 
Munis: Naatha Muni, Yaamuna Muni and RaamAnuja 
Muni. That explanation does not seem to fit well
since Sri VaishNavAs of all samprahdAyams
have these three AchAryAs in common.Perhaps,
sishyAls of the Munithraya SampradhAyam can
throw additional light on this point.Sri Mani
Varadarajan's explanation seems more appropriate.

Srirangam Mudhal ThirumALikai TatAchAr is
one of the Vadakalai svayamAchArya PurushALs. 
Same for Thirupputkuzhi TatachAr , the Editor
of the Journal PeraruLALan . Taata Desikans of
KumbakONam Iyengar Theru are also other examples
of these Vadakalai SvayamAchArya paramparai.

As a Sri Matam sishyan (samAsrayanam from
HH The 43rd DeavanArviLAgam Jeeyar and BharanyAsam
from HH the prakrutham 45th Jeeyar of Ahobilam ) ,
it is my understanding that the Vadakalai sampradhAyam 
branches off after Vadakku ThiruveedhippiLLai.
These points should not create too much
controversies.We all belong to the Bhagaavth  
RaamAnuja SidhAntham . 


At 02:10 PM 8/15/00 -0700, you wrote:
>In the interests of accuracy, I would like to offer
>the following small corrections to Sri Sadagopan's
>detailed post:
>> Typically , Sri VaishnavAls belong
>> to one of the following AchArya paramparai:
>> A.Vadakalai/ Munithrayam
>> **************************
>> 1.Sri Ahobila Matam 

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