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amalanAthipirAn - 1

From: Venkatesan Ananth (
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 14:28:58 PDT

srImathE irAmAnujAya nama:


amalanAthipirAn adiyArkku ennai Atpaduththa
vimalan viNNavarkOn viraiyArpozhil vEnkadavan
nimalan ninmalan neethivAnavan 
 neeNmathiLarankaththammAn thiruk
kamalapAthamvanthu enkaNNinuLLana okkinRathE


Meaning: Devoid of anything unclean, responsible 
for all creations, helping me, making me a slave 
to His bhakthAs, of brilliant light, the Lord of 
nithyasooris, venkatEsa of the scented forests,
one who helps without expecting anything in return,
ruling paramapatham where justice always exists, 
residing in arangam which is made of lofty walls, 
His lotus feet on their own come and stay inside 
my eyes.


Essence: periya perumAL's lotus feet have taken over 
pAnazhvAr completely. Water rains from the sky, then 
flows as kavEri and is useful to everyone through her 
feet (the streams); periya perumAL rains into 
thiruvEngadam from paramapatham, then flows south and 
dams at SriRangam, and pAnAzhvAr immerses in His feet 


Comparison to nammAzhvAr's muthaR pAsuram:

amalan (uyarvaRavuyarnalamudaiyavan)
Athi (yavan)
pirAn (mayarvaRa mathinalamaruLinan)
viNNavarkOn (ayarvaRumararkaLathipathi)
thirukkamalapAtham (thuyaraRu sudaradi)

nammAzhvAr said "thozhuthezhu" of His feet. For 
pAnAzhvAr, they (His feet) came on their own 
("vanthu") and stayed in him (his eyes).


amalan - Not only denotes that He is devoid of
anything unclean, but also that He makes all
who are attached to Him devoid of the unclean.

pirAn - Just as He created the worlds that were
destroyed, He created the swaroopams that all
beings destroyed themselves. Thus, AzhvAr says
He helped in the past. But, He is also going to 
help in the future - AzhvAr, because of his being 
born had dOshams, and stayed away from Him; yet, 
He is going to come ("vanthu") and cleanse him 
("enkaN pAsam vaiththa paramsudarsOthi").

adiyArkku Atpaduththa - If we are His devotees,
there is a chance that we might slip out of that;
but if we are a devotee of His devotees, then we
would never slip out of that. Vibeeshana got to
relate to His devotees first, before he met 
perumAL. pAnAzhvAr met lOkasAranga rishi first 
before he saw periya perumAL. Thus, bhAgavatha 
sambantham is stressed here.

vEngadavan: Why did pAnAzhvAr spoke of vEngadavan
when he opened his eyes to see periya perumAL? Our
poorvAzhAryAs have said that when one begins to 
sing about someone, the first thing to do is to
sing about his origins. Just as perumAL who
descended on gOkulam (AyppAdi) from paramapatham
stopped at mathurA, so did He stop at thirumalai
when descending from srIvaikuntam to srIrangam.

viNNavarkOn: There is no need for us to wonder,
when are we going to be with everyone in the
other world? He is without limits even to them 
(their Lord).

ammAn: Perhaps after hearing about the lofty walls
here, did our Kaliyan build them? Only after these
songs, did the houses, and the gOpurams grow in
Arangam. Once this place became equivalent to that
place, emperumAn took rest here.

vanthu: "iruppEn enRu en nenju niRayap pukunthAn"

enkaNNinuLLana: What is always seen by the 
nithyasooris, suddenly became visible to AzhvAr. 
Prior to that, he had not looked at Him. His eyes 
were closed to Him. EmperumAn cut through the 
closed eyes and settled in. Or that AzhvAr 
thought, he should not see Him with his mortal
eyes and closed them, but emperumAn went inside 
his eyes and started glowing there.


>From vEdAntha dEsikar's munivAhana bhOgam:

amalan: mOkshaparathathvam

Athi: kAraNathvam (cause for all creations)

pirAn: sarvopakArakan (guiding one and all)

adiyAr: By this word, defines jeevAthmAs and 
establishes that they are different from

Atpaduththa: paramOpakAran - is there a greater
help that He can do, than that of making one a
devotee of His devotees.

vimalan: nithya nirthOshan (eternally pure)

viNNavarkOn: pararoopam (unattainable even to
the other worldly)

virayArpozhil vEngadavan: Yet reachable to 
everyone in this world.

vAn: paramapatham

vanthu: Even though AzhvAr was running away
from emperumAn, He came after AzhvAr.

enkaNNinuLLa okkinRathE: AzhvAr is unable to
tear his eyes away from His lotus feet. His
feet are unreachable to Brahma, the dEvAs, 
rishis, and yet came and stayed inside a
mortal's eyes.


thiruppANAzhvAr thiruvadigalE saraNam
periyavAccAnpiLLai, azhagiya maNavALap perumAL 
nAyanAr, vEdAntha dEsikar thiruvadigalE saraNam

adiyEn mathurakavi thAsan
T.C.A. Venkatesan

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