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New Member-intro

From: B.Haresh (
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 08:27:34 PDT

srimate ramanujaya namah:
srimate nigamantha mahadesikaya namah:
sri rukmini satyabama sametha sri krishna paramatmane namah:

My humble namaskarams to Sri Mani Varadarajan and all members of the Bhakti Group
Pls allow adiyen a few minutes to present a short introduction abt my self.

[ * For those who already know me or have met me before please bear with me.Thanks :-) ]

I was born and raised in Singapore.I am 24 yrs old and currently working ( on temporary contract) at 
a local bank.Though my family is predominantly made up of smarthas ( with few members more inclined 
towards perumal) adiyen is the odd one out.

Since an injury I sustained during my military service, I gradually became inclined towards the philosophy 
and practice of Ramanuja Sampradaya.It was during this time I spent much of my time reading books on
The Azhvars and Ramanuja.I did have some exposure prior to that from an old friend Rhagurama Bhatta 
of Sri Villiputtur( former archaka , Srinivasa Perumal Temple,Singapore).The story of Yamunacharya,
Ramanuja and Alavanthar's Stotraratna ( though I don't know it by heart) have been inspirational to adiyen also.

The main higlights in my life are daily offerings of naivedyam to the panchaloha murthy of Vennai
Thaazhi Krishnan and weekly thirumanjana kaimkaryam to this murthy which was a gift to me by my 
elders.I recite almost daily the at least the pothu thaniyans( both Ramanuja Dayapatram & Sri Sailesa Dayapatram).
My goal is to take shelter of a Sadacharyan for samashrayanam within the next  year, once I land a secure 

I completed my BBA, Marketing at the University of San Francisco (1997) ,USA and currently I am 
pursuing a part time post-graduate diploma in E-Commerce at the Marketing Institute of Singapore.
I have worked on some Sampradayam related websites with Sriman Satakopan Swamin and Sriman 
Madhavakkannan Swamin in the past 2 years two of which the following is particularly dear to adiyen: Which is a foucs on Lord Krishna from the Sri Vaishnava Perspective.

It was through the constant encouragement and blessings of Sri Madhavakkannan Swamin that I started 
participating in the NAMA Singapore activities.All the Bhagavathals- Sri M.S Hari, Smt Mailini Sridhar , 
Sriman Andnad & Praveena Anand  ,et al. in the Singapore group have been very hospitable and encouraging 
and have been of great help in all my projects relating to The Sri Viashnava Tradition.

I would also like to thank Sri Mani Varadarajan for allowing adiyen to join bhakti group and providing me an 
opportunity to mingle with all the great bhakthas of Sriman Narayana represented in this group.Humble 
apologies for the lengthy note.

With Best Wishes



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