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SrI parakAlamatham webpage

From: Srinath Chakravarty (
Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 16:31:00 PDT

Dear bhaktas:

namo narAyaNa

Sri LakshmihayagrIva parabrahmaNe namaH
Srimate rAmAnujAya namaH
Srimate nigamAnta mahAdesikAya namaH
Sri Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala mahAdesikAya namaH
Sri Abhinava RanganAtha Parakala Swamiyai namaH
Sri Abhinava vAgeesha ParakAla mahAdesikAya namaH

On this auspicious day of Sravana paurNamI, both
Sri HayagrIva PerumAL thirunakshatram as well as
yajur upAkarmam have occurred simultaneously for
many SrIvaishnavas.  Therefore it is aDiyEn's bhAgyam
on this shubhadinam, to bring to your attention the URL:
[website for Sri ParakAlamatham]

You will find pictures of the present (36th.) jeeyar,
alongwith the sacred image of the arAdhanadevatA
[swarNavigraham] Sri Lakshmi hayagriva, which was
given to SrIbhAshyakArar by goddess SaraswatI herself
at the SAradApeetham in Kashmir, and transmitted
through AchArya paramparA to swAmi desikan. This
is the presiding deity of Parakalamutt today!!

We must gratefully acknowledge the efforts of Sri. Rajeev
Karamchedu [email:] for
having set up this webpage, and volunteering to maintain
it as a service to swAmI desikan's SrI ParakAlamatham.
Please feel free contribute articles and/or provide feedback
to Sri. Rajeev for improving/modifying the website.

Perhaps through the anugraham of poorvAchAryALs of
SrIparakAlamutt, and SrIlakshmIhayagrIvan's krupai,
the beginnings of this website were in a simple phone
conversation between Sri. Rajeev and myself on Saturday,
July 30, the eve of SrAvaNa mAsa Suklapaksham - which
coincided with the 117th. thirunakshatram of one of the
greatest yathivaras of ParakAlamutt in recent times,
SrImad Abhinava RanganAtha ParakAla swAmI.  When
I spoke with Sri. Rajeev, I learnt that he had already
registered the website on the same day, and was waiting
for me to send him information from a recent souvenir
published by the mutt!!

For those that may not be aware, Srimad Abhinava
RanganAtha swAmI [ARS] was a veritable giant of Desikar
sampradAyam in the last century, on par with his scholarly
peers such as SrI uttamUr swAmI and SrI madhurAnthakam
swAmI.  SrI ARS was an erudite scholar of the Sanskrit and
Tamil Veda, and wrote valuable commentaries on the SrI
bhAshya, tatva-muktAkalApa and sarvArthasiddhi.  The
present pontiff of the PoundarIkapuram AndAvan Ashramam,
SrI GopAladesika mahAdesikan swAmI, has performed
kAlakshepams under SrI ARS in his younger days, and there
exists by tradition, a lakshmihayagrIvar sannidhi within the
PoundarIkapuram Ashramam premises, since both the present
and previous AchAryas of that peetham have been hayagrIva
upAsakas.  The prakritam SwAmi of SrI parakAlamutt, SrImad
abhinava vAgeesha brahmatantra swatantra parakAla
mahAdesikan, is an eminent student of SrI ARS himself.

Five decades ago, aDiyEn's maternal grandparents were
initiated into SrIvaishNavism through panchasamskAram
by the grace of SrI Abhinava RanganAtha parakAla swAmI.
Perhaps it was through the anugraham of SrI ARS, that my
thaattha's life turned towards learning the practices of
SrIvaishnavism from that point on.  In any event, aDiyEn is
blessed with a [albeit, remote] connection to that mahAcharyan.
Perhaps it is this remote connection which motivated me to
contact SrI. Rajeev on that day - afterwards, I telephoned my
maternal grandmother in Bangalore and learnt that she was
having a relative do lakshmIhayagrIva ArAdhanai at that time,
in honor of the 117th. thirunakshatram of SrI ARS.

Please visit the ParakAlamutt website and bless the efforts of
Sri. Rajeev Karamchedu - who as a devout shishya of the mutt,
faithfully observes the anusandhAnakramams of this ancient
peetham established by vedAnta desikan himself.  The support
of all SrIvaishnavas is essential to help this matham, which is
the oldest monastic institution of Desikar sampradAyam, in
meeting the challenge posed by today's turbulent society.  You
may help with financial contributions through SVSS at: - may the AshIrvAdams
of SrI lakshmIhayagrIva always be with you all.

I request bhaktas to kindly excuse any errors in this email.

-Srinath C.

Failed tests, classes skipped, forgotten locker combinations. 
Remember the good 'ol days

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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