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'Self styled Gods etc.,'
Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 16:09:34 PDT

Dear Bhagavathas,
While adiyen fully shares the thoughts so clearly expressed by Sri Raman 
Iyengar and endorsed by Sri M.S Hari in these columns,it is however 
necessary to look into this 'phenomenon' rather more carefully and 
objectively.We are losing many of youngsters in many many orthodox 
SriVaishnavite families to the Sai Samaj all over the world.
That the philosophy and teachings of Bhagawan Ramanuja which are further 
elaborated upon by great Acharyas and Yathis in  the lineages of both Sri 
Nigamantha MahaDesika and Sri Manavala Mamuni are the only paths to the 
salvation of mankind is a point that has been conclusively proved over the 
past several centuries and does not have to be re-emphasized here.Yet why 
are so many well meaning persons from all walks of life in general and 
from our walks of life in particular ignoring our lineage and going after 
these mirages?
I would not like to condemn these persons with the adjectives used by our 
brother but would like all of you to indulge in serious introspection here 
and examine what should be and can be done to arrest this 'sishyas" drain' 
which if left unchecked will deplete our ranks more and more in the years 
to come.As my revered friend Sri S.V.S.Raghavan says very often, this 
should be our top priority and we should all get together and assess in 
the manner in which we run our Asramams and Mutts if we have to hold our 
people in line and not lose them to the above said Samaj, otherwise 
SriVaishnavism as a heritage is itself in danger.
I have more to say in this matter if Mani will let me do so in these 
Srimad Andavan Thiruvadi.

Old school buds here:

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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