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Adiyen's Sowbhagyam.

From: Kannan AMR (
Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 08:08:55 PDT

It was adiyen's eternal sowbhagyam that I had the opportunity to be at Sri Ranganatha Temple, Pomona during last weekend. At the temple we celebrated two important Thirunakshatrams, which are very dear to all the Sri Vaishnavas.
They are Andal's ThiruvadipPooram (August 3) and Swami Alavandar's Adi Uthiradam (August 13).  In Sri Villiputhur, the huge Chariot (ThiruTher) used to take lot of days to come to its original location (Nilai). No matter what the day that would be the day the entire Sri Vaishnava Ghoshti will recite "Inro ThiruvadipPooram" of Swami Manavala Mamunigal (Upadesa Rathina Malai). Where as here in USA, as everyone knows we observe all the Azhwars and Acharyas Thirunakshatrams according to our convenience, that is preferably in a weekend. It is due to Emberuman's eternal mercy, he accepts everything, especially in the Archa Avadharam. No wonder Archa form is known as "Mikka Irai Nilai" said in Thiruvaimozhi. Even Swami Emberumanar and Swami Nammazhwar Thirunakshatrams were celebrated in this same way, here in Pomona. At that time we had a wonderful Nalayira Adhikari from Washington DC, Sri Srinivasa Gopalan. With his guidance in May we celebrated both these Thirunakshatrams with the recitation of entire Thiruvaimozhi. For this weekend we started the Ghoshti on Saturday (August 12) in the afternoon around 3.00 pm. In that new huge hall of the temple,  it was great to listen to the melodious recitation of Azhwars' Arulicheyal. First Nithyanusandanam was recited. This Nithyanusandhanam consist of all the prabhandhams about Sri Rangam by various Azhwars. Srimadh Azhagiyasingar has given his divine consent to this Nithyanusandhanam. After that we recited Siriya Thirumadal. When we recited Siriya Thirumadal, adiyen remembered the excellent Ghoshti of Triplicane, where they use to recite this for every week Thayar Purappadu on Fridays. 
After the madal, we recited Koil Thiruvaimozhi and Iramanusa Nootrandhathi. Just listening to Iramanusa Nootrandhathi itself is a great experience. With Sri Andal's Vazhi Thirunamam we concluded that day's event. On 13th, it was Adi Uthiradam, that is Swami Alavandar's Thirunakshatram. Sri Venkat Swami conducted Thirumanjanam to Sri Perumal and Sri Adhivan Sadagopan. After the Eeravadai Theertham we started with ThirupPallandu followed by Nithyanusandhanam. After the Nithyanusandhanam we recited "Chathusloki" and "Sthothra Rathnam." 
In this regard, adiyen would like to request all the Sri Vaishnavas to come for such occasions to Sri Ranganatha Temple. We have the plans to conduct the Ghoshtis for Sri Adhivan Sadagopan's Thirunakshatram (Purattasi Kettai) and Swami Desikan's Thirunakshatram (Purattasi Sravanam). For both these occasions my humble request is to recite entire Nalayiram. Adiyen is very sure we can do this if we recite for two weekends (total four days). As we all know  for Sri Ranganatha nothing is more dearer than Azhwar's Arulicheyal..
Ramanuja Dasan Kannan

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