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complaint against krishnan -3

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 23:54:33 PDT

Part 3

Dear Srivaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

In the first mail on the topic of "complaint against Krishnan", we saw the
entire list of complaints by way of "thaaye yasOdha" krithi. In the second
mail, we saw the full krithi of arguments by the defense- Krishna in "illai
illai". In this mail, we will see the meanings of the rest of the charaNams
by way of complaints and defense arguments, as well the judgement by the
Mother judge. 

It is again another wonderful krithi by Sri Ooththukkadu Sri Venkata Subbu
Iyer. The aanandham out of the krishnaanubhavam is of very high order.
Now let us see the next complaint by way of meaning of charaNam no 3 of
thaayE yasOdha krithi:

EngaL manai vaazha vantha nangaiyaaith thannan thaniyaai
Thungaa yamunaa nadhip pOgaiyilE- kaNNan
Sangaiyum illadhapadi- pangayak kaNNaal mayakki
Engu engO azhaiththuch chenRu nisi vanthaan
UngaL magan naan enRaan! - solli ninRa pin
Thangu thadai inRi veNNai thaarum enRaan
Ingu ivanaik kaNdu iLa nangaiyaraip peRRavargaL
Engi eNNith thavikkinRaar! -naangaL enna seivOmadee!  (thaayE)

Gopi no 3 says "Oh mother yasOdha! My daughter- in- law joined our family to
have a happy married life and make a meaningful life. This girl was going to
river yamuna. Krishna saw her going and without giving way for any trace of
doubt, led her to some place and spent lot of time with her. She could not
resist his calling, because of the hypnotic power of krishna's lotus eyes.
She just obeyed that powerful eyes and followed him. Both came back at the
dead of night. Then he told me "Oh mother, I am your son, without any
talking or creating obstruction, please give me butter in sufficient
quantity". I also obliged. All people of aaippaadi, who have young daughters
to be married, have fear about krishna after this incident. Please, Oh
Judge! Tell me what we can do against this krishna?

Comment: See the usage of words- pankayak kaNNaal mayakki- his kataaksham is
thrown on that girl- a lucky girl indeed. Can we have that bhaagyam, Oh
krishna, of your direct kataaksham!

Now the defense: charanam 3 of "illai illai" krithi:

Thannillam marantha antha peNNaik kELum, EdhO
Dhayavaal koNarnthu vittEn antha naaLum
InRithai maranthu inGe vanthu sonnaalum
En antha peNNaik kootti varak kaaNum athaik kELum  (illai)

"Oh judge mother! Please ask where is that girl? Why this lady has not
brought her in front of you. That day this girl forgot her house address and
was wandering. It was fortunate on that day, that, I actually pitied her and
led her to her house and thus prevented her from straying. Ok. Just for
argument sake I accept the accusation. But please ask why this lady, who is
accusing me, has not brought that girl here".

Comment: See the positiveness in argument. Also the timelines in asking why
the complainant is unable to bring the affected party as a witness. This
adds to proving that he is innocent.

Now the next complaint: CharaNam no 4 of thaayE yasOdha krithi:

ThottililE piLLai kiLLi vittathum avai alaRa
Vitta kaariyam agala veNNai thinRaan!
Kattina kanRai avizhththu ettiyum oLiththu vittu
Mattilaath thumbai kazhuththil maattik koNdaan!
Vittu vittu ammE enRaan kanRinaip pOlE
Attiyillaadha maadum ammaa enRathE!
Kittina kuvaLaiyOdum ettinaal un selva magan!
Pattiyil kaRavaiyidam paalai ootturaan adee!  (thaayE)

Gopi  no 4 says "In the cradle my child was sleeping. Krishna came that side
and pinched heavily my child. The child, due to pain, cried a lot. As a
reward for this mischievous act, he stole and ate lot of butter from my
house. After a while, he saw the young calf tied to the post in the
cow-shed. That calf was let loose by kaNNan and it went away. Then he tied
that rope, used in tying the calf, round his neck. He went near the milching
cow and started making noise "ammaa" "ammaa" as though he was that
particular calf. That cow also thought he was the calf and started milking.
He drank the milk like a calf (ootturaanadi is the word used here by Sri OVS
swamy). Oh! what an amount of trouble with this krishna. Please, Oh judge!
punish him adequately so that he will not repeat such acts.

Again the defense argues: charanam no 4 and 5 of illai illai krithi:

PiLLai kiLLi vittEn enRu sonnaar poyyai
VENumenraal nanRaaip paaru enthan kaiyai
ULLa nagam onRu koodak kaiyil illai
UNmai enRu nambinaalO onRum illai ammaa (illai)

The defense argument by Krishna: She accused me, that, I pinched the child
and made him [/her] cry. That is a lie. Please see my hand. There are no
nails in my hand and all are nicely cut. Then how can I do that pinching and
make him [/ her] cry. If you believe that oh mother, nothing is there [to

Aarum ilaa nEram paarththu innavarin veettu 
AmmE ammE enRu kaththum kural kEttu  anthak
KaariLam kanRu oottath thavippathaip paarththu
KaRRuk koduththEnammaa kathaiyai nambaathE summaa (illai)

When nobody was there in the house of this lady, the calf at the backyard
was making noise "ammaa ammaa". I was passing that side and heard that
noise. I went and saw, why that calf is making noise. That is the basic
nature of a cowherd, when he hears the sound of a cow or calf, to go and
check why the cow is making noise. Actually the calf was struggling for
sucking milk from its mother cow not knowing how to do that act. Since I do
not want to see that calf struggling, I put the calf in position and taught
how to get fed from mother cow. About that this lady unnecessarily accuses
me. Please do not believe that story, Oh mother! 

1. Every animal knows through its basic instincts, how to get fed from its
mother even though it is just born. But here krishna argues as though he is
to teach the calf. I feel at this stage, Sri OVS swami also puts us into the
mould, that he is the sustainer of all creations in this world, who teaches
every thing in life. Without his grace even certain basic instincts
naturally available will also go out of order. 

2. It is clear by his claim that krishna teaches how to get fed from mother,
meaning "without me you can not even know how to get from your own mother".

3. When krishna pointed out that the calf struggling for milk from its
mother, this kindled very big thoughts in the minds of yasOdhaa. Since
yasodha knows very well, how her son that naughty krishna, "oruththi
maganaaip piranthu Or iravil oruththi maganaai oLinthu valarbavan" feels for
his mother's love, she immediately realises that longing of krishna
[vaathsalyam of krishna] towards that struggling calf. 

4. The Kulasekara's dhEvaki pulambal is worth recalling here, a kohinoor
diamond in all his writings. See the cleverness of the child krishna to
encash that opportunity by touching that weak point for the judge herself.

The next complaint from Gopi no 5: charaNam no 5 of thaayE yasOdha krithi:

ChuRRi chuRRi ennai vanthu aththai veettu vazhi kEttaan
Siththaththukku ettum varaiyil solli ninREn
Aththudan vittaanO paarum aaththankarai vazhi kEttaan
Aththanaiyum sollivittu ninREn 
Viththagamaai onRu kEttaan - naaNamaaguthE!
Muththaththukku vazhi kEttu saththam ittaaNdee
Aththanai idam koduththu meththavum vaLarththu vittaai!
Iththanai avanaich chollak kuththam illaiyeyadee!  (thaayE)

One day krishna came to me, started circling me as though he wants a favour
from me. The he asked the route to auntie's house. I told him to the extent
I could make the communication clear. Then also he hesitated. Afterwards he
asked the route to go to riverbank. That also I told him to the best of my
ability. Next he asked me very cleverly one thing which made me shy. He
asked me a kiss and made a big noise for that. See yasOdha, you have given
him that much leniency. He is not to be blamed. You have brought up the
child so badly.

Krishna's defense argument: charaNam 8 of illai illai krithi:

Aththai veettu vazhi kEttEn aththanaiyum meithaan
Aaththangarai vazhi kEttEn aththanaiyum meithaan nilaa
MuRRaththukku vazhi kEttEn ammaa aanaal ivaL
Muththaththukku enRu sonnaaL siththaththukkuL ennathaanO - (illai)

Defense argument by krishna: Yes. It is true, that, I asked the route to
auntie's house. Yes. It is also true that I asked the route for the
riverbank. Next I asked the route to the playground where you can enjoy
bright moon - nilaa muRRam. But this lady understood that muRRam as muththam
-kiss. She perhaps is not mentally alright at that time. So, what can I do?
Oh  Mother! Am I to be blamed? 

Comment: See the pun in the words and capacity of krishna to twist words to
his advantage.

Another gopi's complaint: CharaNam 6 of thaayE yasOdha krithi:

VeNNai veNNai thaarum enRaan! VeNNai thanthaal thinRu vittu
PeNNaith thaarum enRu kaNNadikkiraan!
VaNNamai niruththamaadi maNNinaip paathaththaal eRRik
KaNNilE iraiththu vittuk kaLavaadinaan!
PaNN isaiyum kuzhal oothinaan- kEttu ninRa
PaNbilE arugil vanthu vambugaL seithaan!
PeNNinaththukku enRu vantha puNNIyangaL kOdi kOdi
ENNi unakku aagumadi- kaNNIyaamaaip pOguthadee!  (thaayE)

krishna asked butter. I gave. He again asked some more. Again I gave.
Repeatedly he asked more and I also gave without much resistance from me. He
ate all the butter, and then started asking, with a wink in the eyes, for
the hand of my daughter in marriage. 

He started dancing so nicely, then that I was awestruck. Suddenly he kicked
some dust into my eyes and ran away with my daughter. Another day he came to
me and started playing flute. I enjoyed his music but he started teasing me
for that. Oh! krishna is a nuisance to all girls in the aaippaadi. It will
be a crore of good deeds, if you punish krishna. Oh! what a mischievous
child this krishna is?

Now the defense argument: CharaNam 6 and 7 of illai illai krithi:
CharaNam 6:
Vaayil veNNai vaiththirunthaal pEsa varumaa antha
Vazhakkum meyyaay irunthaal kObham varumaa
Thaayaana unnidam vanthu solla vENumaa
Thavam seithum ivarukkup peN illai pOdhumaa (illai)

Oh! Mother! If I had butter in my mouth will I be able to talk. Ok, just for
argument sake I accept that I asked for butter. If she has given me that
much quantity, will I get angry with that person who gave me so much. So
this is simply a complaint for the sake of complaint, that too to my mother..
Oh mother! You must know the fact that she has no daughter even after
carrying out many penances etc for begetting a child.  

CharaNam 7 of illai illai krithi:
Aadina panthai oLiththu allal seithaar
AriyEnE enRu saththiyam seithaar
ThEdina panthukku sari veNNai thaarum enREn- athaith
Thiruttuththanam enRu solli karuththai maraiththaarE thaLLi  (illai)

Oh mother I was playing with ball. She hid the ball some where. I searched
for the ball everywhere and became tired. After teasing me for some time she
gave me the ball. Ok, you teased me, but why not give me butter for the
trouble, I had because of you I asked. She also gave me butter. Now she
comes and unnecessarily accuses me as a thief of butter.

Now the last charaNam of thayE yasodha krithi [charaNam 7]: Actually this
not a complaint but a sort of information to mother yasOdha. So there is no
defense by Krishna. 

MunthaanaL anthi nEraththil sontham udan kittE vanthu 
VinthaigaL anEgam seithu viLaiyaadinaan- oru
PanthaLavaagilum veNNai thanthaal viduvEn enRu 
Munthugilaith thottizhuththup pOraadinaan
Antha vaasudhEvan ivan thaan adi yasOdhE!
Mainthan enRu thottu izhuththu madi mEl vaiththEn vaiththaal
Sundara mugaththaik kaNdu sinthai mayangum nEram 
Anthara vaigunthamOdu ellaam kaattinaan adee ! (thaayE)

Day before yesterday, he came near me like a close relative of mine and
started playing in several new ways. Then he started teasing me by catching
my "pallu" the edge of my sari. "Give a ball of butter otherwise I will not
leave this or you", said krishna. That vaasudevan is this person standing
here. Oh! YasOdha! since he is a young child, I pulled him near me and took
him on my lap. I also enjoyed his beautiful face, as though he is my own
son- at that moment he showed all the three worlds. Oh! what a sight! Oh!
Krishna and yasodha! Hey, you are blessed. 

Since it is only a information krishna does not argue in defense anything.

The judge has heard both sides arguing, then pronounces her judgement. The
krithi is in Raaga Madhyamaavathi: 

PEsaadhE pOngaLadi en
Pillai vanthu ungaL veettil kaLLam ittaan enRu solli
PEsuginReer kaiyai kaiyai veesuginReer vElai illai (pEsaadhE)

Hey gopees, Don't talk and go from here. You came here all the way with
accusations that my son came to your house and did some theft. You also
stretched your hands with accusing fingers. Perhaps you all do not have no
other work.

Kaasaambu mEniyuLLa kattazhagan en piLLai
Kaalaiyil irunthu ennaik kaNamum agalavillai
Vaachaama gOcharamaai vanthu sonneer intha sollai ungaL
Vambukkum thumbukkum en than magan thanO  vElai illai (pEsaadhE)

My son is a beautiful child like that "neelothpalam" flower. He has not left
my side since morning. You all talk so lengthy and nicely that my son did
this did that etc. For all your rumour monging qualities, is it that only my
son is the subject. You all, please go.

CharaNam 1:
Ival aanaal miga naaNam kondavaL nERRu
Intha mahaaraajan veettai sontha veedu enRu eNNi
Ingum angum alainthu thirinthavaL
UvamaiyOdu uLaRik kotti muththam ittaan enRu solli
Oor aRiya muzhakki vittu naaNam aaguthu enRavaL (pEsaadhE)

This lady -who accused krishna, that, she felt very shy when he kissed her
in her mouth[ like a husband kissing his wife]- was roaming here and there
in this palace thinking that this is her house. She wandered in this house,
blabbering and quoting some proverbs and announced to everybody without any
shyness that she was kissed in the lips. Now she accuses krishna kissed in
her mouth and so she feels shy. Hey you better go.

CharaNam 2:
Kaiyum meyyum aaga pidiththu vanthEn enRu solli kaNakkaagap pEsinaaLE ivaL
oru kaLLI
Meyyaagak kaattadi enRaal vizhiyum paraparaththu than 
MiraLum piLLaiyaik kaatti vizhikkiRaaLE palli (pEsaadhE)

[To another] She claimed, "I caught hold of krishna when he was stealing
butter. Oh! Yasodha, please see" she said. But, when I looked at that boy,
to my surprise, it was not krishna, but her own son blinking for that
mischief, he did in the house. For your son's mistakes, oh, my dear, you
better punish your son. I will not say anything. 

CharaNam 3: 
Oork kuzhandhai azhudhaalO kaNNan kiLLI vittaan 
URi onRu vizhunthaalO kaNNan thaLLi vittaan
Kaar veNNaik kaaNOm enRaal kaNNan koLLaiyittaan ungaL
KaRpanai seyyum poyyukku kaNNanO agappattan ( pEsaadhE)

Any child when it starts crying, for you gopees, it is due to pinching by
krishna. The rope hanger, if falls for any reason, it is due to krishna. The
butter is missing in pots, then it means, immediately krishna only stole the
butter. Hey, for all your imaginations and lies, is it that only my son is
the subject. Hey, better get lost, without any talking.

See the judgement is in favour of krishna. It is not because the judge is
his mother but the reasoning and calling of witnesses, arguments nicely by
krishna etc. Only the time element of saying "he has not left me since
morning is slightly odd". Otherwise the judgement is very nice.

The nice way, in which these compositions are made, are 'par excellence'.
Each and every line is worth akshara laksham. While drafting these mails
simply aanandha bhashpam was flowing from my eyes and could not resist that..
That is the taste of enjoying krishna and that is why I ventured to share
these with you all.

Dasan M.G.Vasudevan

PS: Please excuse me for the length of this mail.

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