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Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami on chaturmasaya

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 18:41:26 PDT

Dear Members,

Sri Tridandi Jeeyar Swami graciously sent aDiyEn a 
note explaining the cAturmAsya sankalpa. Without
further ado, here is Sri Jeeyar Swami's 'sandESa':

> We are so happy for the curiousity of Smt.Mani, to
> know about the details of the observation dates of
> Cha:turma:syam.
> According to the Smruthy A:shadda sukla E:ka:dasi is
> the right time to begin the Chaturma:sya Samkalpa and
> Ka:rti:ka e:ka:dasi will be the ending time for it.
> Usually di:kasha will be taken on e;ka;dasi and it
> exactly begins from the Pu:rnima day after a Sanya:si
> performs kalya:no:tsavam(clearing the hair). 
> It is called cha:turma:syam because they used to
> observe it for four months. Now a days, due to somany
> reasons, they are not able to observe it for long 4
> months, so they are observing a short cut process, of
> course sanctioned by Smruthies only, to observe it for
> two months only. Then how to satisfy the word
> cha:turma:syam? There is a sanction for such
> Sanya:sies saying that <paksha:n vai chaturo: ma:sa;n>
> which means, treat each fortnight as each month. Then
> the two months period will become 4 fortnights. Each
> fortnight is considered as one month and thus it
> became 4 months. 
> Now there is an option, some observe first two months.
> And some more observe 2nd two months period. Both
> practices are fair. Here again, while de:ksha is to be
> started, they need to begin on pu:rnima day. But in
> case, if it is not possible to reach the place, where
> one has been invited to observe the di:ksha, then that
> particular Sanyasi can begin His di:ksha before
> panchami of the next waxing moon (sukla pakshna).
> So, one may begin His di:ksha either on A:sha:dha
> sukla e:ka;dasi/before panchami  or  Bha:drapada sukla
> e:ka:dasi/before panchami. Either way, pu:rnima will
> be better option. 
> Most of the Sanya:sis follow these rules.
> Jai Srimannarayana!
> =chinnajeeyar=