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From: K.Parakalan (
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 18:40:36 PDT

Dear SriVaishnavas ,

Among the various rituals conducted for the Lord ,Pavitra
utsavam(Performed during DakshinayaNa) is the most important
ritual and is held to be of paramount significance in making
amends for the various Lapses , Derelictions and Imperfections in
the worship thru out the year .These points are elaborated in
Agama texts , Jayakya Samhita -chapter 21, Satvatasamhita -
chapter 14 ,Poushkara Samhita -chapter 30 .Pavitra is the name
given to strings made up of smooth , fine and white threads
folded 3 or 4 times or more prepared by maidens or women who are
aged or widows .They have to be purified with Astramantra .They
are to adorn the Idol , Pitchers (kalasams) , Mandals(Pandhal) &
the pit where the fire is lit (Agni Kuntam) and other places .

The Lord is to be given a Sacred bath and worshipped with all
upacHaras . The vedas are to be recited and Music played on
instruments .The Acharya will appeal to God to forgive him for
all lapses in his services thru out the year .The festival may
last either for 3 or 7 or 9 days .The last day being celebrated
with Purnahuthi .This festival is celebrated both by the
Vaikanasa as well as Pancharatra Agama governed temples .At
Srirangam where the Parameswara Samhita is in vogue with Kriyas
from Padma Samhita the "Pavitrotsavam" is celebrated for 9 days
during the month of Avani ,with Yagasala Tirumanjanam on the 1st
day and Angopanga Seva - Colloquially known as Poochandi Sevai on
the 2nd day when the Moolavar is adorned from His Lotus feet to
the Crown (Adi mudhal Mudi varai) with the Pavitras .On the 9th
day Theerthavari will be performed signifying the completion of
the festival with Brahma ratha Mariyatha to the descendants of
Mudaliandan (Known as Vadhula Desikar).

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