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Fw: Upakarma and Gayatri Japam
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 12:29:54 PDT

Jagannath Rajagopal ( wrote:  

>Dear Bhagavathas,
>During the teleupanyasam of H.H.Srimad Srimushnam Andavan of Srirangam 
>Srimad Andavan Periasramam,has clearly ordained that the Upakarma and the 
>Gayatri Japam are to be performed on Tuesday the 15th August only.
>The schedule will be as follows:
>  i)Prathas Sandyavandanam,
>iii)Kamokaarsheed/Manyurakaarsheed Japam ,
>iv)Sankalpam and Gayatri Japam,
>  v)Maadhyanika Snanam and Maadhyanikam &
>vi)Kaandarishi Tharpanam.
>The reason for performing the two on the same day has already been 
>explained in 'Sri Ranganatha Paduka' and is repeated here briefly:
>On the Pournami Day(15th August)the SangamKaalam ends at 12-24 
>(Naazhigai),Pournami lasts till 12-41 Naazhigai,at 13-43 Naazhigai 
>Sambantham Santhi occurs.
>As the said Santhi occurs after the Sangama Kaalam ( which is said to be 
>rare and peculiar occurence) it is ordained that both the Upakarma and 
>Gayatri Japam have to be performed on the same day as per the above 
>schedule.H.H. has not accepted the premise that the Pournami falls on the 
>14th here in the U.S.A.
>As such the Asramam sishyas are hereby formally advised of H.H. 
>to observe these most important rituals as above.This may not however be 
>construed as a rebuttal of any position taken by other Bhagavathas or the 
>Niyamanam of Other scholars.
>Vaashaka Dhoshaka Kshandavyahaa.
>Adiyen Srimad Andavan Thiruvadi.
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