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re: all powerful naaraayaNa

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Sat Aug 12 2000 - 00:50:18 PDT

Sri Madhavakkannan has nicely put it by saying "it is not that such events/
acts please him. It is our getting excited in praising him and in mentioning
of such acts please him", in his write up. 

I wish to add this small write up. This is not about that "Adult" Raaman
doing heroic deeds of killing that demon raavaNan, which has no parallel to
be mentioned as "rama ravaNayor yudhdham rama ravanayOr yudhdhamiva" and  to
get that praise "kiLLic kaLainthaanai" from aaNdaaL. It was such an easy act
for raama to do that "kiLLi". 

But this one is a childish act, but the impact is very great. He is able to
penetrate that hardest of all that hardest substances available in the
world, called my mind.

See this person making a mention

Vanthu kEtpaar illaiyO- en manamaanathai Oru siruvan
Vanthu vaari veNNai ena vizhunkuraan idhai (vanthu)

Eh! Is there nobody to come and ask? Here, One small boy comes and consumes
my mind [or heart?] like how the butter is consumed [so smoothly,
comfortably, and nicely with absolute easiness]

Nandhagopan thanakkuch chellap piLLai aanaal
Nadanthathu ennamO naLLiravu koLLai
Intha azhagil vERu peNgaLudan scaLLai
EnnamO pO en manam thaan pOguthu koLLai koLLai (vanthu)

Eh! To identify him, it is easy, he was the pet child of King nandhagopa.
But what happened was a burglary at the dead of the night. It did not just
end with that burglary here. He also picked up quarrel with other gopis. Oh!
Somehow I am losing all my prestige honour pride etc in his stealing of my

Vanthu pirakkum munnE maaman kaaththirunthaan
Manamaarap peRRavanO dhaththu thanthirunthaan
Vantha idaththil annai kattip pOttirunthaal- athai
Vaddiyum mudhalumaai pazhi vaanga vanthaan (vanthu)

Before he was born his uncle was waiting [to kill him]. The father who had
the satisfaction of having gotten such a child, in fact, had given that
child in adoption to some other person. This child was tied with ropes by
his own mother, in the new place where he was given in adoption. Finally
what he did was a revenge for all these acts, by conquering every thing
including my mind [heart].

Kaanak kuzhal onRu kannak kOl aachchu
Kannam vaiththa idam kaadhugal aachchu
Aana kaaval ainthum aadarangam aachchu
AnthO anthO en manam ellaam koLLai koLLaiyayp pOchchu (vanthu)

Eh! He had a small bamboo stick picked from the forest {kanam is also
forest} which he used as a musical instrument (gaana kuzhal). But suddenly
it had become the kannak kOl- to steal my mind or heart- {this kannak kOl is
an iron tool used to make holes in the walls of buildings, to enable easy
robbery / stealing in those days}. He did that act of kannam viz. made holes
in the walls-walls of my body- these holes were named the ears to receive
his music. These five watchmen called the senses were transformed into the
drama stage to receive his music thus helping him to steal my mind. Oh! Oh!
the whole of my mind [or heart] had been robbed by that child.

Oh! What a stealing! That all powerful naaraayaNaa can do any thing perhaps
with tools or without tools.

What we can we do is nothing, except praise him and sing his glory as stated
by Sri MadhavakkaNNan.

Dasan Vasudevan M.G.

Ps: this krithi is in raaga maalikai by Ooththukkaadu swami- raagas being
hindholam, ataaNaa and bilahari.

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