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amalanAthipirAn - 0

From: Venkatesan Ananth (
Date: Fri Aug 11 2000 - 15:01:28 PDT

srimathE irAmAnujaya nama:

	amalanAthipirAn thaniyankaL

periya nambikaL aruLis seythathu

ApAthacoodamanubhooya harim shyAnam
 madhyE kavErathuhithurmuthithAntharAthmA |
athrashtruthAm nayanayOr vishayAntharANAm
 yO nishcikAya manavai munivAhanam tham ||


That person (thiruppANAzhvAr), who has (lOkasAranga) 
rishi as his vehicle, who immersed himself from the 
feet to the head of Hari (Ranganatha) - who rests 
in the middle of the Kaveri river; and who declared 
that his eyes would see nothing else, on him I set
my mind.

Excerpt from piLLailOkam jeeyar's vyAkyAnam:

The unseeable (paramapathanAthan) is in the seen 
(archAvathAram - periya perumAL). AzvAr saw from the 
feet to the head (ApAthacoodam - thiruppAthakEsam).
Once he thus saw, he became a person who never saw 
anything else again (athrashtruthAm nayanayOr 

Brahma saw with all his four heads, while AzhvAr 
saw with one head (two eyes). Brahma saw from the 
head to the toe and delighted in that 
(kirItakEyooraka rathnakuNdalam ...); while AzhvAr 
being an adiyAr started from the feet (adiyilirinthu 

periyAzhvAr delighted in krishnAvathAram, while 
thiruppANAzhvAr delights in archAvathAram. In this 
experience, they are thus like brothers.

pAthakamalam (periyazhvar)
thirukkamalapAtham (periyazhvar)

peethakacciRRAdaiyodum (periyazhvar)
araiccivanthavAdaiyinmEl (panazhvar)

azhakiyavunthiyai (periyazhvar)
ayanaippadaiththathOrezhilunthi (panazhvar)

pazhanthAmpAlArththavutharam (periyazhvar)
thiruvayiRRutharapantham (panazhvar)

kurumAmaNippooN ulAvith thikazhum thirumArvu
thiruvAramArvu (panazhvar)

aNdamum nAdum adanka vizhunkiya kaNdam (periyazhvar)
muRRumuNda kaNdam (panazhvar)

neyththala nEmiyum sankum nilAviya kaiththalam 
kayinAr surisankanalAzhiyar (panazhvar)

senthoNdaivAy (periyazhvar)
seyyavAy (panazhvar)

kaNkaLirunthavA (periyazhvar)
apperiyavAya kaNkaL (panazhvar)

uruvukariyavoLi maNivaNNan (periyazhvar)
ezhil neela mEni (panazhvar)

kuzhalkaLirunthavA (periyazhvar)
thuLavaviraiyArkamazh neeNmudi (panazhvar)

thirumalainambi aruLi seythathu

kAttavE kaNda pAthakamala nallAdaiyunthi
thEttaru mutharapanthath thirumArvu kaNdanj sevvAy
vAttamil kaNkaLmEni muniyERith thanipukunthu
pAttinAl kaNduvAzhum pANarthAL paravinOmE


We salute the feet of thiruppANAzhvAr, who climbing 
on the shoulders of the Muni (lOkasAranga rishi) 
went by himself inside (the temple) and saw what 
was shown, which were the lotus feet, the dress, 
the navel, the golden waist chain that is difficult 
to attain, the chest where Sri resides, the neck, 
the red lips, the eyes that never tire, the body 
(that houses all the above), and saw the above 
through songs.

>From my memory of an upanyAsam:

The two phrases to watch in this thaniyan are: 
"kAttavE kaNda" and "pAttinAl kaNdu".

"kAttavE kaNda" : saw what was shown. Who showed 
these to AzhvAr - was it the rishi who took him 
inside the temple, or, as it must have happened,
periya perumAL showed Himself to AzvAr. We have to 
realize that while most of us go to SriRangam and 
worship Ranganatha, we only see the archAathAvathAram 
of emperumAn. On the other hand, AzhvAr not only saw 
the archAvathAram, but also was shown his 
thivyamangalaroopam by Sriman Narayana.

"pAttinAl kaNdu" - saw through songs. Everyone sees 
SriRanganatha. But it was given only to AzhvAr to 
see Him through a song.

Did AzhvAr just see emperumAn? No, he saw Him when 
he was shown by Him. Did he then just see what was
shown; no, he saw what was shown through a song.


adiyEn, mathurakavi thAsan
T.C.A. Venkatesan

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