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complaint against krishnan -2

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Fri Aug 11 2000 - 04:40:31 PDT

Part 2
Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

We saw the entire krithi containing the "complaints" in the previous mail.
Now we will see the defendant's reply to this big list of complaints.
Meanings of each charanam in the complaint krithi and defense reply krithi
will be given side by side so that full  taste can be had.

The defense arguments by the Lord Sri krishna is in front of the judge, his
mother. See his argument power at the young age as described by the poet.

Krithi in Raaga Mohanam
Illai illai illai ammaa
Iththanai pEr solvathellaam aththanaiyum poyyE (illai)

Oh mother, No No No. What all these people say, are all lies.

Comment: In the first sentence itself, all the accusations are totally
denied. This is mainly to impress the judge and force the decision in the
defendant's favour.

Thollai ivvazhakkuch chonnaar innavargal yaarum
ThuNivaagap poyyaich chonnaar aanaalum kELum
Allai ninRa thOzhargaLaik kEttup paarum- kEttu
Aana pinnar thaNdanaigaL vENavaraith thaarum (illai)

All these people say troublesome cases against me. They came up boldly with
utter lies. In spite of that, I  will answer each of these complaints. Oh
mother, You can check up whether there is any truth in these complaints. All
my friends are always with me, they witness every action of me, please check
up with them, whether there is any truth in these complaints. If you find
their version is truth and there is substance in these complaints, I am
ready to receive punishment as meted by you.

Comment: The boldness in refuting the complaints, calling and identifying
the witnesses, readiness to receive the punishment etc, make the Judge to
think positively, in a way, that perhaps what the defendant says is possibly
the truth. Also the psychology considering the age of the defendant, that "a
child will not tell lies" adds strength to the argument of defendant. See
how nicely the song is composed.

Complaint 1: in the form of CharaNam 1 of thaayE yasOdhaa krithi:
Kaalinil silambu konjak kai vaLai kulunga muththu
Maalaigal asaiyath theru vaasalil vanthaan!
Kaalasaivum kaiyasaivum thaaLamOdu isainthu vara
Neela vaNNak kaNNan ivan narththanam aadugiraan!
Baalan enRu thaavi  aNaiththEn! aNaiththa ennai
Maalai ittavan pOl vaayil muththam ittaaNdee!
Baalan alladi un magan jaalam miga seyyum krishNan
Naalu pErgaL kEtkach cholla naaNam miga aaguthadee! (thaayE)

[Since we had the meaning in previous mail I am not adding the meaning
here]. Now the defense argues his case.

CharaNam 1of mohana raga krithi:

Naalu pErgaL kEtkach cholla naaNam aaguthenRaar - antha 
Nangaiyar perun koottaththil solli ninRaar
Maalaiyittavan pOl vaayil muththam ittEn enRaar antha
Vazhakkum arivEnO ammaa vaarththaiyai nambaathE summaa (illai)

She said if this matter is to be shared with many, then it is a shame. But
she has already announced that in a very big crowd that I kissed her like
her husband. Will any body announce in a big crowd how she was kissed by her
husband. If she is really ashamed, how she announced that in that big crowd.
That itself clearly indicates I am not the wrongdoer. She said I kissed her
in the mouth like her husband. Oh mother, I do not know how to kiss and then
such a practice of kissing in the mouth at all. Please do not believe these

Now the second complaint from Gopi no 2: charaNam 2 of thaayE yasodha krithi

AnRoru naaL intha vazhi vantha virunthu iruvarum
Ayarnthu paduththu uRangum pOthinilE- kaNNan
ThinRathu pOgak kaiyil iruntha veNNaiyai- antha
Virunthinar vaayil niraiththu marainthananE!
Ninthai migu pazhi ingE paavam angE enRapadi
Sintha miga nonthidavum seyyath thagumO
NandhagOpaRku indha vitham antham migu piLLai peRa
Nalla thavam seithaaradi- naangaL enna seivOmadi (thaayE).

Oh Judge! The other day some two guests visited our place, in this aaippadi.
These guests were our honoured ones. They, after taking food, were in sound
sleep on the pyol in front verandah. KaNNan came that side and saw them
sleeping. At that time kaNNan finished eating some quantity of butter and
had balance butter in his hands. He applied all the balance butter in the
mouths of the sleeping guests and quickly vanished from that place. we went
in search of the person who stole the butter. But unfortunately  our
honoured guests were caught. They felt ashamed because they did not steal
and we also know they will not do such an act. Actually kaNNan ate the
butter. But the guests were blamed for having stolen the butter since butter
was in their mouths as a result of KaNNan's act. Oh what a mischief? Our
king Nandhagopa did what kind of penance to have such a mischievous child.
On this, what we can do except to complaint to you or appeal to you? 

Now the defense by KaNNan - CharaNam 2 of mohana raaga krithi:

Virunthinar vaayil poosa veNNai kaaNumaa
VeNNai poosum varai avar thoonga vENumaa
Marunthukkum paagalil neyyum vadiyumaa- intha
Vaarththaiyinaik kEttu neeyum nambalaagumaa - (illai)

Oh mother, Do you give me that much butter that after I eat there is some
balance left out or do I get that much quantity of butter from others to
apply in the face of the Guests. What I get is only a small quantity what
you give. That is not sufficient for me to eat nor to share with my friends.
Also Why should they sleep till I apply butter in their face. As soon as
some body else touches a sleeping person, they will getup. That is quite
common. But these guests slept nicely as per their statement. That  itself
clears this accusation. Oh mother even if you want for medicinal purposes,
will bittergaurd [paagarkaai] yield oil. How can you believe such a false
accusation against me.

Comment: See the usage of proverbs and the common sense in a child's
argument. That itself shows the defense is very strong and no side support
or crutches are needed. 

Now the rest of charaNams of mohana raaga krithi for the full taste of it.
Meanings and comments in next post.
CharaNam 3:
Thannillam marantha anthap peNNaik kELum EdhO
Dhayavaal koNanrnthu vittEn antha naaLum
InRithai maRanthu ingE vanthu sonnaalum
En anthap peNNaik kootti varak kaaNum athaik kELum (illai)

CharaNam 4:
PiLLai kiLLIvittEn enRu sonnar poyyai
VEnum enRaal nanRaaip paaru enthan kaiyai
ULLa nagam onRu koodak kaiyil illai
UNmai enRu nambinaalO onrum illaiyammaa (illai)

CharaNam 5:
Aarum illaa nEram paarththu innavarin veettu 
AmmE ammE enRu kaththum kural kEttu anthak
KaariLam kanRu oottath thavippathaip paarththu
KaRRuk koduththEn ammaa kathaiyai nambaadhE summaa (illai)

CharaNam 6:
Vaayil veNNai vaiththirunthaal pEsa varumaa antha
Vazhakkum meyyaay irunthaal kObham varumaa
Thaayaana unnidam vanthu solla vENumaa
Thavam seithum ivarukkup peN illai pOdhumaa (illai)

CharaNam 7:
Aadina panthai oLiththu allal seithaar
AriyEnE enRu saththiyam seithaar
ThEdina panthukku sari veNNai thaarum enREn- athaith
Thiruttuththanam enRu solli karuththai maraiththaarE thaLLi  (illai)

CharaNam 8:
Aththai veettu vazhi kEttEn aththanaiyum meithaan
Aaththangarai vazhi kEttEn athathanaiyum meithaan nilaa
MuRRaththukku vazhi kEttEn ammaa aanaal ivaL
Muththaththukku enRu sonnaaL siththaththukkuL ennathaanO - (illai)
Dasan Vasudevan M.G.

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