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Chaturmasya Sankalpam

From: K.Parakalan (
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 19:31:45 PDT

Dear Sri Vaishnavas ,
The following is an excerpt from the article "cHaturmasya " published in "Panjasanyam" monthly magazine run by Sri Vaishnava Sri .

The rules for the observance of chaturmasya sankalpam as indicated in Yatidharma SamuccHayam authored by Govinda Jeer a thriDhandi sanyasi (formerly  known as Yadhavaprakasa- an advaiti acharya of Ramanuja , who turned a vaishnavite after being advised by his mother )

cHaturmasya sankalpa can be performed either beginning from Ashada pournami (adi) ending at Karthikai pournami or from Purattasi (SrAvana) to Margazhi pournami.If it is not possible to observe cHaturmasya for a stretch of  4 months continuously, a fortnight(15 days is equated to 30 days) itself is treated as 1 month during the Varsha rutu (rainy season) and a 2 month period is treated as 4 months .This is an exception ,therefore the sanyasis can chose either of the above periods for observing cHaturmasya sankalpa.

the Why of chaturmasya????? .......................A Sanyasi does the sankalpam as follows " Since bhagavan is in Yoga nidra, I am also going to be stationed in one location and I will not harm any living being in land, water and sky by my pilgrimage an essential  dharma of a sanyasi .THIS IS THE REASON WHY  EARTH (MUD) IS TAKEN ON THE DAY OF SANKALPAM FOR DEGA SUTTHI .THIS IS TO PREVENT THE SANYASI FROM TAKING MUD DURING THE RAINY SEASON for reasons cited above.

aDiyen Ramanujadasan A.KRISHNAMACHARI

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