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Sri HayagrIva SthOthram : Part III

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 19:07:50 PDT

Sri Hayavadhana ParabrhmaNE Nama:

" Jn~Anandhamayam Devam nirmala spatikAkruthim
  AadhAram Sarva VidhyAnAm HayagrIvam UpAsmahE "

Dear BhakthAs :

In today's posting we will cover two items:
(1)the AniruddhAmsam of BhagavAn HayagrIvan 
(2) initiation of the discussions on understanding the "JnA~nandha-mayathvam
" as Isvara Tatthva NirUpaNam 
by Swamy Desikan at the very beginning of his sthuthi.

AdiyEn will rely on the KaalakshEpa Granthams of
asmath AchAryan , HH Srimath Azhagiya Singar ,
Sri NaaraayaNa YathIndhra MahA Desikan 
as source and inspiration for this Posting . 

Sri HayagrIvan's AniruddhAmsam

Sri VaikuntanAthan (ThiruviNNagarappan) has 
immeasurable anantha kalyANa guNams in His
manifestation as Para VaasudEvan.The two major 
categories of our Lord's KalyANa guNams are:
PARATHVAM (Supermacy )AND SOULABHYAM (ease of 
access by every one).

The PARATHVAM of our Lord is defined mainly by 
His six guNams known as Upayuktha guNams : 

" Jn~Anam , Balam , Isvaryam ,Veeryam , 
  Sakthi and Tejas." 

The SOULABHYAM of our Lord is defined by 
two more Upayuktha guNams: SOUSEELYAM and 

Souseelya guNam permits Him to mingle 
even with lowly ones readily inspite of
His supermacy .Vaathsalyam is the guNam 
of great affection for those that seek
refuge in Him by overlooking the dhOshams 
(deficencies) that they have. 

The guNams behind Parathvam and Soulabhyam never 
ever disassociate themselves from the SvarUpam
of our most merciful Lord. Although, these guNAs
are part and parcel of His svarUpam , in specific 
instances, He highlights one or other of these guNAs 
for His upAsakAs. 

As refered to before , He stays in five states . 
One is Paraa state, where He is resplendent as Para-
VaasudEvan . The other state among these 
five states is VyUham. PaancharAthram is considered 
to have the ultimate authority in describing matters
related to VyUha Moorthys.

There are positions among our PoorvAchAryAs 
that either accept the VyUham state as having 
four VyUha Moorthys (VaasudEavn, SankarshaNan , 
Prahdyumnan and Aniruddhan )or only three Moorthys 
(SankarshaNan,Pradhyuman and Aniruddhan). 
Sri KooratthAzhwAn takes the first position of 
four VyUha Moorthys and his son , Sri ParAsara Bhattar 
prefers the position of three VyUha Moorthys.
Sri Bhattar recognizes Para VaasudEvan as 
ShAdguNya Moorthy and does not recognize 
a VyUha VaasudEvan seperately in his count of 
three VyUha Moorthys. 

The general Consensus is that Para VaasudEvan
has the six guNams such as Jn~Anam ,Balam, Isvaryam,
Veeryam, Sakthi ans Tejas (ShADguNyAth VaasudEva:).
Para VaasudEvan is recognized as" Muktha BhOgyan". 

The further consensus is that all the other three
vyUha Moorthys also possess these six guNAs , but 
they highlight only twin guNams each , which are 
relevant to their unique roles. 

SankarshaNan highlights the two guNams of
Jn~Anam and Balam and is engaged in the acts of
creating SaasthrAs and SamhAram (Azhitthal).

Prahyumna VyUha Moorthy has Isvaryam and Veeryam
as highlights and is engaged in the acts of Creation
and the spreading of Dharmam .

AniruddhA VyUha Moorthy has Sakthi and Tejas as 
highlights among the six guNAs and is engaged in
protection of the World and upadEsams on the Tatthvams.
Hence Aniruddhan has been saluted as "Sakthi tEjO

This then is the VyUha Tattvam behind Aniruddhan,
who incarnated as HAYAGRIVAN for destruction of
Madhu and KaiDapan (Madhusoodhanan) and for 
the recovery of VedAs from them for the benefit of
Brahma Devan.

We have to remember always that AniruddhAmsa 
HayagrIvan has all the six GuNAs although , 
He highlights the two GuNAs (tEjas and Sakthi)
for the sake of this specific avathAram. Same is 
true for SankarshaNa and Prahdyumna VyUha 

Isavara Tatthva NirUpaNam 

Swamy Desikan stresses in Sri Rahasya Thraya 
Saaram (Tatthva Thraya ChinthanAdhikAram) that
for the proper comprehension of Isvaran , a clear
understanding of the following five His GuNams 
are indispensable :

" Sathyathvam, Jn~Anathvam , Ananthathvam ,
  Aanandhathvam and Amalathvam." 

Among all the limitless GuNams of the Lord ,
the above five GuNams proove(nirUpanam) 
the essential difference(VilakshaNam) between
Isvaran and all the others. Thus , these five
GuNams are known as "SvarUpa NirUpaka VisEshaNams".

The GuNams other than the above five such as 
Souseelyam , Vaathsalyam and other VibhUthis 
are NirUpitha SvarUpa VisEshaNangaL. 

When one understands fully the true svarUpam
of the Lord with the help of the five GuNams
(Sathyathvam , Jn~Anathvam , Ananthathvam ,
Aanandhathvam and Amalathvam as SvarUpa-
NirUpaka visEshanangaL ), the rest of 
the GuNams become " NirUpitha SvarUpa 
VisEshaNangaL ". 

Swami Desikan in his HayagrIva sthOthram
proves the Isvara Tatthvam of this avathAra
Moorthy (AniruddhAmsan) with both SvarUpa-
NirUpaka and NirUpitha SvarUpa VisEshaNangaL.
This extraordinary tribute of Swamy Desikan
to the two VisEshaNagaLs of Isvaran appearing
before him as Sri HayagrIvan will be the topics
of the subsequent postings.

Swamy Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan  


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