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Re: Chaturmasya sankalpam

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 17:17:20 PDT

I thank Sri Shyamsundar and the others who sent me private
and public replies concerning my question. As I stated at
the outset, I really am just curious about the traditions
and purpose behind the cAturmAsya, of which I am quite ignorant.
I have no other motives.  I thank Sri Shyamsundar for satisfactorily 
explaining Srimad Andavan Swami's reasons for the postponement of 
the sankalpa.

I was not aware that the cAturmAsya sankalpa is traditionally 
taken on the paurNami also known as vyAsa or guru pUrNimA. From
what I have read in the past, the cAturmAsya period is bracketed
by the Sayana and utthAna ekAdASi-s, where Sriman Narayana
is said to be in yOga-nidra.  My pancAnga has the Sayana ekAdaSi
as the beginning the cAturmAsya vrata. Perhaps this is a slightly
different notion and does not apply to sannyAsis. If anyone can
clarify this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Sri RR ( has sent an informative note
to the list in response to my query. He raises some questions
to which I feel obligated to reply. Please pardon this mild

  1) I unfortunately am not a subscriber to Sri Ranganatha Paduka
     and hence did not have the chance to read any articles therein
     which explain the cAturmAsya.
  2) When we already have words in our own languages to express
     appropriate respect, I feel it totally unnecessary to use western 
     titles such as "His Holiness", or "H.H." when referring to the
     great sannyAsis of our tradition.  What do these English titles
     accomplish that the traditional words "Sri", "Srimad", "Swami", 
     "Jeeyar", etc., do not?
  3) I do not edit any article that is sent to the list. Any article
     that appears has been forwarded as it was sent to me.
  4) I did not think I raised a "serious subject" -- I know of nothing
     strange surrounding this issue. I am not questioning anyone's
     behavior.  I always presume that yativaras of such stature are 
     well aware of the traditions and make decisions in accordance 
     with them. My curiosity lies in my ignorance, not in a decision 
     to question someone else's judgment. 

aDiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan


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