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Chaturmasya sankalpam
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 16:21:35 PDT

Dear Bhagavathas,
Sub:Sri Mani Varadarajan's query.
Firstly the notional date of Chaturmasya sankalpam was the 16th of July 
being the full moon day and not the Ekadasi day.Adiyen has been blessed
with the good fortune of attending the Acharyas' Sankalpam for nearly 
three decades and not on one occasion has it ever been performed on an 
Ekadasi day.
The reason why H.H. Srimad Andavan postponed('pushed' appears to be an 
inelegant word when applied to an Acharya and a Yathi) the obsrevance of 
this year's Chaturmasya Sankalpam has been clearly explained in the June 
issue of Sri
Ranganatha Paduka and i thought that a person running such a Bhakti list 
as this would be in receipt of such eminent journals.More so because a 
reference had been to this journal while debating the points raised 
on 'Nathopasana'.
Sri Shyamsundar Sreenivasan is posting this separately on this list so i 
am not going to repeat the same points excepting to state these Yathis 
have the discretion to postpone the date to any one day before the 
immediately following Panchami day.
The reference to H.H.Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Sreeman Narayana Jeer is a 
rather delicate point, i have already sent a reply to Sri Mani Varadarajan 
and i hope that he will do the posting as i have not retained or saved the 
draft of my reply.I realise that this list is established and maintained 
by him but the subject raised by him is very serious, it refers to our 
H.H. and another Acharya for whom i have the greatest respect, i hope that 
he will post my reply as is where is without any abbreviation or editing.
Another suggestion to all our Bhagavathas in U.S is that you apply the 
prefix H.H. whenever and wherever you refer to any of these Yathis of  our 
Sampradaya be it the Ahobila Mutt or the Andavan Asramam or the Parakala 
Mutt or the Thennacharya Paramapara.Accustomed as you may be in addressing 
persons by their christian or first names, this maybe a little 
difficult for you but this is essential.
I am sorry if my message is rather blunt but you are all enlightened 
persons and many of you are well read enough to debate the meanings of our 
philosophy on the net and the least you can do here is to address these 
great souls with the prefix H.H.
Vasakha doshaha Kshandavyaha !!

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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