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Periya Thirumozhi 9.10- veLLiyaan; kariyaan; maNiniRa vaNNan; emakku oLLiyaan

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 04:47:16 PDT

Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:
Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr now enjoys ThirumalirunchOlai Emperumaan at ThirukkOshtiyoor. How He 
blessed us with so many wonderful avatars and How gracefully He blesses us 
with his sowlabhyam guNA showing Himself at ThirukOttiyoor. Let us enjoy 
along with AzhwAr’s excellent ten.

1. “engaL em iRai; em Piraan; imaiyOrkku naayakan; yEtthu adiyavar/ thanGal 
tham manatthup piriyaadhu aruL purivaan- He is our Swami; Parama upakaarakan 
-most merciful towards us; Nithyasooris’ Chief -nAthan; He blesses by 
staying in the hearts of His devotees, never ever separates from them. He 
resides at this temple of ThirukkOttiyoor, which is fertile with red lotus 
flowers, which shine with the clouds sprinkling golden (rays of the sun) 

2. evva nOi thavirpaan; enakku iRai; innagaitthuvar vaay nilamagaL 
sevvithOya vallaan; Thirumaamagatku iniyaan- Our Swami- who can alleviate 
our sufferings; He enjoys the beauty of red mouthedm ever smiling BhUmi 
PiraaTTi, and He gives happiness to Periya PiraaTTi.

3. veLLiyaan; kariyaan; maNiniRa vaNNan; viNNavar thamakku iRai* emakku 
oLLiyaan; uyanrndhaan; ulagu yEzhum unDu umizhndhaan*- He is of white form 
during the Krutha yuga; dark form during Kaliyuga; He is of the gem stone 
green color (“pacchai maa malai pOl mEni”) during Dwapara yugam; Nithya 
sorris’ Lord; (In spite of all such greatness), He showed Himself in His 
entirety to us (emakku oLLiyaan); During Cosmic cycle, He ate the worlds and 
then spat out; He is here at ThirukkOttiyoor, which is fertile with the 
sandal branches being swept aside by the running stream of river waters to 
the shores.

4. This greatest Lord- Emperumaan- most mercifully, on His own let a part of 
His ThirumEni be occupied by Sivan, one who has Ox as his vehicle; who has 
the bright shining axe in his hand. He is the beloved Divine Consort of 
Periya PiraaTTi. He resides at ThirukkOttoyoor, where youthful bee plays on 
fragrant  “cheNbagam” and jasmine flowers and drinks the honey.

5. vangamaa kadal vaNNan; maa maNi/ vaNNan; viNNavarkOn; madhu maamalar 
thongal neeNmudiyaan; nediyaan; madi kadanthaan/ - He is of the form of 
large dark ocean; He is like great blue hued gem stone; He is the Swami of 
Nithyasoori; He wears honey dripping garland on His head; He is 
Sarvaadhikan; (Once) He measured the Earth (He expanded) with His Feet; He 
is here at ThirukkOttiyoor, where the white flags, tied onto the gem stone 
impregnated top of tall buildings (amidst the clouds), appear to touch the 
moon. So beautiful is this sthalam.

6. This Lord of ThirukkOttiyoor – My swami- the One who enslaved me, 
destroyed the capability of rAvaNan the king of lankA, (who had thought he 
is the protector and chief of all worlds), by aiming strong arrows at him.. 
All kings around the region come here and pay their obeisance to this 
Emperuman saying, “This Divya Desam is where Emperumaan comes and resides”, 
and Devas come and hold onto Him here.

7. kanRu koNdu viLankani yeRindhu; aaniraikku azhivenRu maa mazhai ninRu 
kaatthaan; nila maamagatku iniyaan- He dropped the fruits of “viLaam” from 
the  tree by hitting vathsAsuran against the tree; He saved the cattle from 
heavy, torrential downpour by lifting Govardhana mountain effortlessly. By 
removing BhUmi Piraatti’s burden, He is the darling and sweet consort of 
BhumA Devi. He is here at ThirukkOttoyoor, where the gentle breeze touches 
all corners of the place by taking with it, the fragrance of jasmine flowers 
and mullai flowers bloomed on mountain.

8. He finished off the elephant; He killed the speedy Kesi asurA; He 
enslaved this lowly self- adiyEn and relished doing it; He is the Lord of 
Nithyasooris; He entered into this samsaaram of adiyEn. He is here at 
ThirukkOttoyoor, where ripened mangoes, jackfruits, bananas have fallen on 
the river waters in plenty.

9. He is the Lord, praised and worshipped by Brahmins who have learnt all 
four Vedas (that talk about Emperumaan’s most auspicious GunAs); performed 
five yaagas and learnt six Veda angAs; who are greater than the four faced 
BrahmA due to their tEjas; who wear yagnOpaveedham (pooNool), who read this 
sweet ten poetic tamil pAsurams. He is here at ThirukkOttoyoor.

10. This ten is composed by Kaliyan, the king of Thirumangai, admired by 
everyone for his horse riding skills. This ten is on the most beautiful, 
ThirukkOttoyoor Divya Desam Emperumaan. He is of the blue hued colour like 
that of dark clouds. He has unconditional love for His BhakthAs. Those who 
read this ten will be blessed to have Parama padham as their place of 
permanent residence.

Thirumangai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan
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