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Re: cAturmAsya sankalpa

From: Sreenivasan Parthasarathy (
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 20:46:59 PDT

Dear Sri Mani,
Adiyen will try to translate here what was written in
Sri Ranganatha Paduka edition of June 2000 about the
reason why asmadh acharyan Sri Rangaramanuja
Mahadesikan started the charturmasya sankalpam on 19th
July instead of 16th July. If there are any
mis-interpretations by adiyen, please forgive adiyen
for that. (Page: 6, kuRippu 3)

Many sishyas of the ashramam would traditionally come
on this very auspicious day for the blessings of the
acharya. But this year, this actual chaturmasya day
(16th July) fell on the Lunar eclipse during which all
the sishyas have to undertake upavasam and Grahana
Tharpanam. Further, the sankalpa should be done in
Madhyanika Kalam. Undertaking the sankalpam on the
eclipse day would have put the Ashramam in a difficult
position of not being able to perform
thatheeyaradhanam for the sishyas assembled in the
small town of Kizha Vazhutthor near Thanjavur. Also,
since Srimad Andavan had to perform Thirumudi ViLakkam
on this day, it would not have been possible to do
that on the grahanam day.

Considering all these, Srimadh Andavan out of
compassion for the hundreds of sishyas who throng the
ashramam for this occasion, followed the sastras and
practise to observe the charurmasya sankalpam before
the immediate Panchami thithi following the
chaturmasya sankalpam day. It was Srimad Andavam's
Thiruvullam to observe it due to the reasons above on
19th July.

Shyamsundar Sreenivasan

--- Mani Varadarajan <>
> Dear Bhagavatas,
> According to my pancAnga, the cAturmAsya vrata
> started on 
> AshADha Sukla ekAdaSI, July 12 according to the
> Western
> calendar.  But I noticed that Srimad Andavan of
> Periyashramam
> pushed his sankalpa by a few days, and Sri Tridandi
> Jeeyar 
> Swami was still touring this country after this
> date.
> What exactly are the rules and traditions for
> beginning
> the cAturmAsya vrata? Sannyasis of such stature must
> have
> had a reason for pushing their sankalpa. Can someone
> fill
> me in on the details?
> (No disrespect of any kind is intended by this post
> --
> just curiosity as to the rules behind the
> cAturmAsya).
> Thanks,
> dAsan,
> Mani

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