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Re: Padhuka Sahasram

From: Gopaul Lakshmanan (
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 18:57:53 PDT

SrImate GopAla Desika Mahadesikaya namaha

Dear Sri Venkatesan:

Would you please post these Vakhyanams for Amlanathipiran?

You have written about  the first 3 pAsurams starting with 'a, u, ma' and 
leaving the next one, the following three start with 'pa, du, ka'.
This is mentioned by Sri Mukkur LakshmiNarasinhachariar in his book 
"kuraiyonRum illai"(second volume).  In addition to this Sri 
LakshmiNarasimhachariar states that "Thirumanthirartham, Dwayamanthirartham, 
Charamaslokartham"  can be found in these 10 pAsurams.  I would like to know 
about it.

I do not remember reading about this in the Bhakti list.  I could not find 
it in the archives.

adiyen dAsan

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