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Re: Intellectual over Power and Money..

From: lakshminarayan krishnaswamy (
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 12:33:46 PDT

Dear Sri.Ramanan Rajagopalan,

I refer to your posting of 7.8.2000 on the above subject.
Can I place the following for your consideration:

The Isa Upanishad says as follows:
"Kurvan eva iha Karmani jijiviset satam samah |
Evam tvayi na anyatho ashthi na karma lipyate nare ||"
[Only by doing your karmas here, should one wish to live for 100 years.
For you O man, there is no other mode other than (performing your karma)and 
by this no bad karma clings on.]

Similarly in Bhagawad Gita 3.4 the Lord says:
" Na karmanam anarambham naishkarmyam purusho ashnute|
Na cha sanyasanadev siddhim samadhigachhati||"
[Not by mere non-performance of prescribed duties/work can a man achieve 
freedom from reaction. Not even by renunciation (does a man) attain 

Again in Bhagawad Gita 3.8 the Lord says:
"Niyatam kuru karma tvam, karma jyayo hy akarmanaha|
Sharira yatrapi cha te na prasiddhyed akarmanah||"
[ You should perform your prescribed work/duty,for doing so is better than 
not performing (the prescribed work/duty).Even maintenance of your body is 
never achieveable without (performance of your) work/duty.]

As I see it, it is great that you have an inclination for service to Sriman 
Narayana.If you can convert this inclination into burning desire for doing 
kainkaryam to Him and also a service to humanity,you would have a life well 
spent. May He shower His Anugraham on you for this.



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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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