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Re: Sri Vanamamalai Divya Desam..

From: Balaji Krishnan (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 09:21:41 PDT

Dear Sri Anand/Ramanan,

Actually both of you are right. AdiyEn belong to this kshEthram. Thanks
to my
parents who associate themself with this kshEthram closely, adiyEn will
attempt to give the full picture, as my mother had put it to me.

As per the VAnamAmalai sthala purAnam, once srivaishnavAs in TirumalA
decided to create a thAyAr sannithi for Lord Venkateswara. But Lord came
in their dreams once and said that there is a thAyAr already, in the
form of Lakshmi and that he does not need one more. So the ThAyAr
was left as is in a corner in TirumalA temple itself. Once Sri onnAna
(the first Jeeyar of VAnamAmalai mutt) visited the temple, he took pity
on this thAyAr. He adopted this lady and took her to VAnamAmalai and
gave her to Sri DeivanAyaga perumAl there.

This is the reason why thAyAr goes to her porantha aam to Jeeyar mutt
though it is the residence of a Jeeyar). This is also the reason why
whenever (even now) Sri Jeeyar visits Tirupathi, he is given all the
respects and priviliges of a Sambandhi.


"Vasudevan, Anand (CORP, Consultant)" wrote:
> dear shri ramanan,
>         Thanks for the most wonderful description of the divya desam. I have
> a question for you. A couple of years ago i had the bhagyam of meeting a
> bhattar of the divyadesam. he was telling me that there is a utsavam where
> in the thayar goes to her porantha aam & perumal comes to pick her up in the
> evening.(sorry about my wordings) He told me that thayar's porantha aam is
> the jeeyar madam of vanamamalai. but your mail says its tirupati.
>         can you explain this.
> kindly pardon me if this is absolutely silly.
> adiyen,
> anand.
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