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Intellectual over Power and Money..

From: Ramanan Rajagopalan (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 06:32:58 PDT

Dear SriVaishnavas:

Last weekend, I was involved in discussion with few of my 
friends of same age group(we are in twenties) about the role of 
Intellectual over power and money. Our main aim was to find a 
way to lead a very simple life, without being affected by 
mundane world. We were stressing on a point wherein most of the 
Devotees of God are either in someway subordinate to power and 
money in order to lead their life in this world. For example, 
each one of us is specialized in some area or the other,but 
work for worldly causes in various companies. We make our lives 
complex by doing that,rather than visualizing it in simple 
manner. We were not able to arrive at a definite conclusion of 
how to lead a simple life,as our ancestors led in earlier days,
with the only objective of having a thought that what ever we 
do is for the same of Lord Sriman Narayana,and nothing is for 

Can anyone stree more on this point of how to lead a very 
simple life without being affected my mundane world, and 
reaching the flower feet of the Sipreme Being.

Can we be the subordinate to power and money?

Thank you very much for your precious time,

I am very young,may be my question be foolish,if so please 
ignore it.

Sri Ramanuja Dasan,
Ramanan Rajagopalan 

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