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Re: Upanayanam. - Your question of 7/30/00.

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 04:08:39 PDT

Dear Sri Vijay:

Regarding your question on the efficency of
Upanayanam performed before 14 or 16 ,
here is my input. You may wish to
refer to articles in the Bhakthi archives
on the 40 SamskArams for a Hindu and the section 
on Upanayanam in particular.

The Upanayanam in old days were done 
at GarbhAshtamam . The Eighth year after
birth was chosen purposely. 
The Upanayanam was followed by 
VedAdhyayanam at the feet of a 
Teacher and concluded in 7 or 8 years .
The BrahmachAri returned home and
at the conclusion of the avabrutha SnAnam 
and other rites , GrahasthAsramam was 
started soon .

The efficency of manthra sidhdi 
is strictly associated with strict 
Brahmacharyam observed .

As one gets near the teen years , 
the inevitable harmonal effects 
turn one's  mind to other
distractions that interfere with 
the efficient absorption of Vedic 
studies.That was the reason for
starting Veda adhyayanam early 
and Upanayanam cleared the student
for engaging in those Vedic studies.

I am of the opinion that even a later date
upanayanam and observance of SandhyA
Vandhanam , Gayathri Japam reguarly 
thereafter can still produce significant 
effects on one's life in the form of tranquility. 
These are obligatory duties any way.



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