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Re: complaint against krishnan

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 19:25:14 PDT

Dear Sriman Vasudevan:

Thanks very much for posting all
the 7 charaNams of UtthukkAdu
Mahaan . Rarely one comes across
this text known for its maadhUryam .
UtthukkAdu mahAn was a KrishNa BhakthA 
par excellence , who had the BhAgyam of 
playing and conversing with KrishNa.
That anubhavam of a rare kind has 
resulted in His krithis dealing
with KrishNa chEshtithams .The vigraham
that was worshipped by this mahAn is
in a  small village near KumbakONam
and is an extraordinarily beautiful 
KaaLinga nardhana vigraham . 

The humor , the pathos and the description of 
the delicate situation that the Gopis found
themselves with this Mayavan as described in
the 7 charaNams are beautiful testaments to
his KrishNa prEmai. 

One more KrishNa Bhakthar , who enjoyed
Bala KrishNan in this intimate way is
LeelA Sukhar of Kerala who lived from 
1220-1300 A.D. In Sanskrit slOkams known
for their MaadhUryam , Leela Sukhar conversed
with the Lord and named his conversations as
Sri KrishNa KarNAmrutham .This work has 328
slOkams and is a delight to experience.

LeelA Sukhar saluted this ParamAthMA incarnating
as a sisu at Gokulam as " akhila udhAram
kisOra aakruthi:" ( That effulgent Jyothi ,
which gives every thing to every one seeking
his refuge appears as a little boy ).He recognizes 
KrishNan as " pasu paala paala parishadh 
VibhUshaNam' ( the cherished aabharaNam 
for the cowherd kulam).He saluted KrishNan
as the embodiment of the phalan of all
his puNyams ( mattha-soubhAgya BhAjAm 
math puNyAnAm )and as the limit of the bhAgyams
of the Cowherd kulam ( Vraja BhAgya Seema). 

LeelA Sukhar explains the unique relationship
between the adoring Gopis and KrishNan this way:

"Vraja Yuvathi haaravali Marakatha
 naayaka mahA MaNi " ( the center emerald
 piece in the necklace of pearls (gopis). 

The chEshtais as Baala KrishNan earn from
Leela Sukhar the name dhUrttha Swamy ( the head
of the group of those , who cheat ).The full
slOkam is worth enjoying:

Oshtam jigran sisurithi dhiyA 
chumBithO vallaveebhi:
KaNDam gruhNan aruNitha padham 
dhOshNA lajjapadham abhirumsann
angam aarOpithAthmA
DhUrtha SwamI harathu dhuritham
dhUrathO BaalakrishNa:II

(Meaning): May this emperor of cheaters
chase away all of our paapams quickly ! May
this BaalakrishNan kissed by the gOpis
on the assumption that He is a mere child ,
May this digambharan embraced tightly by
the young ladies of gokulam such that He is red
at all those points from the tightness of their grips,
May this kapata naataka soothradhAri sitting on 
the lap of the gOpis enjoying their endearments 
and covering His private part (lajjaa padham)
shyly with His hand ,May He destroy all of 
our paapams! 

The GopikA RamaNa GopAla chakravarthy
and His tattvam is saluted by Leelaa Sukhar
in a very revelatory slOkam:

thvayi prasannE mama kim guNEna
thvyapprasannE mama kim guNEna?
rakthE virakthE cha varE vadhUnAm
nirarthaka: kumkuma pathra bhanga:

Here LeelA Sukhar says that the Lord's grace 
is the central factor to realize His
anugraham and our gunams are not important
in this matter.

Thvayi PrasannE guNEna mama kim = when You
come in front of us , what is the use of
our attributes ?

thvyapprasannE mama kim guNEna? =when You
do not present Yourself , what is the use of 
my GuNams?

VadhUnAm varE rakthE = when the married woman
has her husband's love

kumkuma pathra bhanga:nirarthaka: kim ?= there is no
need for her to seek the help of kumkumam , flowers
and beetle leaves to enchant him .

VadhUnAm varE virakthE , kaumkuma pathra
bhanga: nirarthaka: = when the husband's 
love is not there , what is the use of 
Kumkumam , beetle leaves and flowers ?

In another moving slOkam , LeelAsukhar
describes his KrishNa chaithanyam this way:

yatha kaapi nisheedhya Yaadhava 
Kula-utthamsasya Kamsadhvisha:
smAram smAraagham harAmi
tadh alam manyE kim anyEna mE?

(Meaning) I sit somewhere quietly and think 
of the Yadhu Kula sirO-bhUshaNam , KrishNan,
the sworn enemy of Kamsan . Those intense thoughts
about Him are enough for me to chase away my
paapams . What is the use of the other karmAs? 

With a slOkam devoted to the celebration
of SaraNAgathi Tathvam , adiyEn concludes
this tribute to KrishNa BhakthALs like
OotthukkAdu mahAn , LeelA Sukhar and request 
Sri VaasudEvan to share with us his musical
tributes of great BhaagavathAs:

Saranam asaraNAnAm SaaradhAmbhOja nEthram
niravadhi madhurimnA neela vEshENa ramyam
marasara paratanthra smEra nEthrAmbhujAbhi:
Vraja yuvathibhi: avyAth Brahma samvEshtitham

(meaning) May KrishNA , who is the protector for
all those , who have no recourse , May that KrishNA
with the beautiful eyes similar to the lotus that
blossoms in autumn season, May that KrishNa delectable
with His enchanting blue hue, May that KrishNA , who
is bound by the arrows of love of the young girls 
of Gokulam and surrounded by them , May that 
Para Brahmam protect us without any other recourse!

Sarvam KrishNArpaNam asthu!
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil V.SatakOpan  



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