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Periya Thirumozhi 9.9- "Thirumaliruncholai ninRa nalam thigazh "NARAYANAN"

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 00:16:52 PDT

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,
AzhwAr pleaded Emperumaan to get him rid of the worldly life to attain 
Emperumaan. It did not happen. AzhwAr loses himself and gets into Parakala 
nAyaki bhAvam, when she has already had experience of uniting with the Lord 
and the Lord has now deserted her. Due to her suffering, she is not able to 
express herself and the “mother” of Parakala nAyaki speaks.

1. “moovaril mun mudhalvan; - He is the first and Primordial Chief among the 
trio; He is the One who reclines on Milky Ocean; the One who creates 
(through four faced Brahma), the Universe from his naabhi kamalam (lotus 
from His navel); who has protected the Universe by retaining it in His 
stomach during the end of Cosmic Cycle and brings out during shrushti; He is 
the Chief of Nithya sooris; He is the Lord of ThirumalirunchOlai; the head 
of cowherd group by name Govindhan; - Is my creeper like waisted beautiful 
girl able to bear being deserted (by Him) after being hugged by such 
greatest Emperumaan?

2. “moovulagum padaittha mudhal moorthi thannai”- He is The Lord of 
Thiruvarangam, full of tall punnai trees, and dense beautiful gardens, and 
surrounded by the cool waters of Cauveri river; the first, primordial Chief 
who created all three worlds; He resides here most gracefully at 
ThirumaalirunchOlai; This place (sthalam), is surrounded by beautiful 
gardens. Is my darting, fish like eyed beautiful girl, able to bear being 
left out after being blessed to see His Divine Form?

3. “uNdu, ulagu yEzhinaiyum oru baalakan aalilai mEl/
kaN thuyil koNdu ugandha karumaaNikka malaiyai”-
During maha praLayam (Cosmic cycle end), the Emperumaan, ate the entire 
Universe and retained in His stomach, reclined on a little banyan leaf, 
enjoyed having His Yoga nithrA, as little infant, who is also of the black 
hued emerald mountain like beautiful huge Divine Form;- He is the One who is 
here at ThirumaalirunchOlai, where strong big elephants live in. This Lord 
is the king of everyone and everything in this Universe. Is my girl, adorned 
by beautiful ornaments, not qualified to go and approach such greatest 

4. “singamadhaay avuNan thiRalaaga mun keeNdugandha/
pangaya maamalarkkaN paranai em paranchudarai-“
He took the lion form and tore open the asuran’s body, and enjoyed for 
having helped the devotee (Prahalada); He has the large, beautiful divine 
lotus like eyes; Sarvaadhikan; ParanjyOthi; My Swamy; - He resides at 
ThirumaalirunchOlai, where the tall mountains appear to touch the clouds and 
the moon; Such sowlabhyan – Is my girl (who has beautiful forehead) not 
qualified to go and reach Him today?

5.“thaanavan vELvi thannil thaniyE kuRaLaay nimirndhu/
vaanamum maNNagamum aLandha Thiruvikraman/
During the yaagam of Mahabhali, He took small dwarf like form as Vaamanan, 
and begged for three measures of earth and took huge form as Trivikraman to 
measure the whole Universe; - He resides in ThirumaalirunchOlai, suurounded 
by honey dripping flower filled beautiful, dense gardens. He is the Chief of 
even nithya sooris; - Is my girl not qualified to see Him and pay her 
obeisance (prostrating at his Feet)?

6. nEsam illadhavarkkum ninaiyaadhavarkkum ariyaan- Those who have not love 
for Him; no bhakti for Him and do not think of Him- he is simply 
incomprehensible and can not be attained easily at all; He appeared for 
everyone (blessed) to see at MathurA, as Kutti KaNNan.  He is here now at 
ThirumaalirunchOlai (for us -blessed), for everyone to pay their obeisance. 
He is Kesavan, ParipoorNan with all most auspicious attributes (samastha 
kalyANa guNAs). Is my beautiful sharp fish like eyed girl not able to go to 
Him and be blessed to see Him?

7.	“puLLinai vaay piLandhu porumaa kari kombositthu/ kaLLa chagadam 
udhaittha karu maaNikka malaiyai”- pakAsuran’s (the bird) mouth was simply 
torn apart and the huge elephant’s tusk was broken by KaNNan; he also (as an 
infant), kicked the wheel Asuran and killed him; He is like dark, very huge, 
beautiful emerald mountain. He is SarvEshwaran. He resides in this Diyva 
Desam of ThirumaalirunchOlai. He is Parama krupaaLu; udhaaran (most merciful 
for all) ; - will my girl not be able to pay her obeisance to such greatest 

8. “paartthanuku anRu aruLi bhaarathatthu oru thEr mun ninRu/ kaatthavan 
thannai viNNOr karum maaNickka maamalaiyai.- When DuryOdhanan and others 
assembled to fight against Arjunan in the battle filed, He stood in front of 
Arjunan as the driver of his chariot, and showed mercy on him and saved him. 
He is blue hued dark emerald like mountain- most beautiful, always enjoyed 
by Nithyasooris; Parama pavithran (most pristinely pure Lord) is here at 
ThirumaalirunchOlai. Will my dark longhaired beautiful girl paying her 
obeisance to this great, unparalleled Emperumaan, ever happen?

9. “valampuri aazhiyaanai, varaiyaar thiRaLthOlan thannai/ pulampuri 
noolavanap pozhil vEmkata vEdhiyanai- The One who has the Divine ChakrA and 
the Conch on His resplendent strong mountain like shoulders; who has worn 
the thread (pooNool), the darshan of which is the great enjoyment for all; 
who stands at ThiruvEkata malai; who is the essence of Vedas; -is here at 
ThirumaalirunchOlai, - the personification of all auspicious qualities, 
Narayanan- will my girl be able to approach Him?

10. thEdaRkku ariyavanaith thirumaalirunchOlai ninRa/ aadaR paRavaiyanai- 
He, who can not be seen by our efforts at all (only by His grace, we will be 
blessed to see Him), who is here at ThirumaalirunchOlai (on his own for us 
to see and enjoy His Divine form), who has the Garudaazhwaan as His vehicle- 
can be seen and enjoyed by this girl was composed in this ten by Kaliyan, 
who is the chief of Thirumangai, surrounded by tall ramparts. Those who read 
this ten will never ever get any more sins. (Means: They won’t commit sins 
any more)

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan
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