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Re: AaadippUram Dhinam
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 12:58:28 PDT

Dear Sri Raman :

First of all , there is no connection between
Sri VaishNava SampradhAyam and PathinettAM
Perukku of the river Cauvery celebrated by
Women and Childen on the banks of the Cauvery river
with ChithrAnnams ( Different rice based dishes 
like Tamarind rice , Lemon rice , Curd Rice et al).
I have  an earlier posting in response to
Professor VasudhA Narayanan' s question 
on this subject.

PathinettAm Perukku is more a social occasion 
to be together with family and friends and thank 
Cauvery river for Her nourishing waters . 

After having said that , one has to recognize that
the entire Temple culture of Sri ViashNavAs 
have a lot connected with the river Cauvery .
There are 40 dhivya dEsams in Tamil Naadu 
and many of them are located on the banks of
the sacred Cauvery river sung by AzhwArs in
their dhivya prabhandhams (Sacred collects).

The River Cauvery originates in the Western
Ghats (Sahya parvatham) and flows through
five KshEthrams celebrated for Sayana Moorthys 
( Sri RanganAthA on Adhi Seshan )in Karnataka and 
Tamil Naadu ( ChOla  Desam ). The first KshEthram is
Adhirangam ( Sri Ranga PattiNam in KarnAtakA ) 
and the last one before Cauvery ThAyAr joins
with her husband , Samudra Rajan (Ocean) near
MayilAduthurai is Thiru IndaLUr ( ParimaLa
RanganAthan's KshEthram/Dhivya dEsam). In between
are Sri Rangam ( KasthUri Rangan) ,Thirukkudanthai
(Hema Rangan) and Vadivazhagiya nambi at Anbil
( Madhya Rangam) .

Annai Cauvery makes ChOLa Naadu "SoRRudaittha Naadu"
(abundant in crops ) through Her life giving waters.
Just as Lord KrishNA had Vana BhOjanam ( Picnic on
the banks of river Yamunai) , families assemble
and enjoy this day on the banks of Cauvery 
or local PushkaraNi.

Srirangam has a special place as the seat of Sri RanganAthA
and our AchAryAs. Here Cauvery river and PathinettAm
Perukku have additional importance . There is a 
special uthsavam for Sri ranganAthan this day.
Cauvery is considered the Mother in Law for Sri RanganAthA , 
since MahA Lakshmi is the daughter of Samudra Rajan , one
of whose wives is Cauvery.Therefore , Sri RanganAthan
is the son in law of Cauvery . It is in the island 
created by Her that Sri RanganAthA decided to rest
permanently as VibhishaNan was carrying His vimAnam
to Lankhai. That is why , AchAryAs made
Srirangam their choice place of residence.
Swamy Desikan visualizes Sri RanganAthan having His strolls
(Patthi UlA ) on the banks and sands of Cauveri river:

" Kamapi Kanaka SindhO: SaikathE sancharantham
anisam anubhavyEam "

In the 42nd and 43rd slOkams of Hamsa SandhEsam ,
Swamy Desikan pays tribute to CauvEry river
and its Majestic flow ( pathinettAm Perukku as 
it were)while describing the flight of 
the royal messenger , the Hamsam (Swan) 
taking the message of Lord Ramachandra to
SithA Piraatti at Lankai.These two slOkams 
pay special tribute to Cauvery and its enchanting 
flow . 

The river Cauvery has Nithya Sambhandham ( eternal
assoication ) with the Lord of Srirangam and the other
Four RanganAthAs . That is why we take time to
celebrate Cauvery river on this special day in
the Month of Aadi as She rushes with swollen 
flow of waters from the just concluded monsoon.

The following tribute to Cauvery MaathA is constructed
from the Pasurams of AzhwArs :

" GangaiR PunithamAya Cauvery naduvu pattu ,
PONGU neer PARANTH PAAYUM Poompozhil Arangam
tannuLL , VeLLa Neer paranthu Paayum Viripozhil
Arangam TannuLL , TeLivillaa Kalangal neer 
Soozh ThriuvarangattuLL, Tazhuppariya Santhankal tadai-
varai vaayeertthukkoNDu , THEZHIIPUDAYA CAUVIRY
vanthadi thozhum SrirangamE".

One can compose a huge paasurappadi on 
the sacred river Cauvery and Her sambhandham
with the Lord as seen by th eeyes of AzhwArs 
and AchAryAs. AdiyEn will stop here
for now with ananthaKoti pRAnaMAMS 

 At 11:35 AM 8/4/00 +0400, you wrote:
>Namo Narayana !
>Dear bhaktas
>I would be grateful if anyone could give me more detail on the " ADI
>PADINETTAM  PERUKKU" day. Meaning behind, why, what do we usually do on
>this day, it's significance in the Sri Vaishnava Samprayam.?
>Many Thanks
>Andal tiruvadigale saranam
>Narayana Narayana.

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Remember the good 'ol days

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