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complaint against krishnan

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 23:35:11 PDT

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,
In this mail let us enjoy Kannan and songs of his bhakthaas.  this write up
is about a complaint being filed in the Court of Mother YasOdhaa the wife of
King Nandha, father of young krishna the darling of masses of aayarpadi.
Place: King Nandha's palace in aayarpaadi
Judge presiding in the court: Ms. Yasodhaa the wife of King Nandha
Complainant or plaintiff: the Gopis of aayarpaadi not single in number but
as a group.  Few act as witnesses to the complainant gopi in the first
instance and when she finishes other gopi lists her complaint to the judge.
Then first complainant becomes the witness. Thus the cycle is repeated as
there are quite a number of complaints.

Defendant: Krishna the young son of the Judge herself.
There is no counsel for defendant but he himself argues the case.
Witnesses for defendant: Friends of Krishna and Balarama the senior of

The central theme of this court scene is from Sri Oththukkadu Venkata Subbu
Iyer through his krithis
a.	thaayE yasOdhaa in Raaga thodi (complaint)
b.	illai illaaiyammaa in mohanam (defence)
c.	pEsaadhE pOngaLadi in raaga madhyamaavathy (judgement)

May be the court scene will extend for more than one mail and Sri Mani has
to excuse me for that.

Addressing the judge is not in the usual manner of "My Lord" but "Oh
mother". She is pleased with this calling and hears the complaint patiently
even after having realised that the complaint is against the judge's own
son. See the amount of fairness with which people lived those days, proof of
which was available in abundance else where, so that time wise a later date
poet also writes about it.
Pallavi: "ThaayE! YasOdhE!" "Undhan aayar kulaththu" uthiththa Maayan
gOpaala krishNan seyyum jaalaththaik kELadi! (thaayE)

The case is made out first highlighting the damage it has created not only
to the direct recipients or the directly affected but the entire clan of
connected with the defendant. Also added, is the kulam is not ours, but, "oh
Judge it is yours" thus including the judge herself.

Now a "closeness feeling" is induced while addressing. Since she is also a
young lady, and, whenever a woman is addressed "oh you young woman" she
feels more proud. This psychology is also used while addressing the judge by
calling her "thaiyalE". "Please hear. I have not seen another boy like your
son in this world". 
Anupallavi: ThaiyalE! KELadi" unthan paiyanaip pOlavE - indha
Vaiyagaththil oru piLLai aiyayya! Naan kaNdathillai  (thaayE)

Comment: There is no one equal to my krishna in this world. That is a fact.
How can this young gOpi could find an equal to krishna. This fact is put
very nicely by an exclamation, even though it is a complaint to the judge.

Now the first complaint: CharaNam:
Kaalinil silambu konjak kai vaLai kulunga muththu
Maalaigal asaiyath theru vaasalil vanthaan!
Kaalasaivum kaiyasaivum thaaLamOdu isainthu vara
Neela vaNNak kaNNan ivan narththanam aadugiraan!
Baalan enRu thaavi  aNaiththEn! aNaiththa ennai
Maalai ittavan pOl vaayil muththam ittaaNdee!
Baalan alladi un magan jaalam miga seyyum krishNan
Naalu pErgaL kEtkach cholla naaNam miga aaguthadee! (thaayE)

He came in the street with jingling sounds of the anklets in the legs,
bangles wriggling and making noise in the wrists, the pearl necklaces just
shaking in the chest. His hands and legs were following a rythmic pattern
and this beautiful krishna is dancing in the street. Seeing such a beautiful
young boy (or child?) I was fascinated and lifted him and embraced him.
Immediately he gave me a kiss in my mouth like my husband who has garlanded
me in my marriage. Hey yasOdha He is not an young boy I say! He is a
trickster! I feel ashamed in front of others for this kind of embarrassment
he gave me. I feel very bad, when many people hear this, what they will
think about me etc, for the act he did with me.  

So, Now the complaint is made out and it is for the judge to seek the
defense or call for witness or pronounce the punishment etc.

The next complaint from another gopi:
Charanam no 2: 
AnRoru naaL intha vazhi vantha virunthu iruvarum
Ayarnthu paduththu uRangum pOthinilE- kaNNan
ThinRathu pOgak kaiyil iruntha veNNaiyai- antha
Virunthinar vaayil niraiththu marainthananE!
Ninthai migu pazhi ingE paavam angE enRapadi
Sintha miga nonthidavum seyyath thagumO
NandhagOpaRku indha vitham antham migu piLLai peRa
Nalla thavam seithaaradi- naangaL enna seivOmadi (thaayE)

Third complaint from gopi no 3.
Charanam no.3:
EngaL manai vaazha vantha nangaiyaaith thannan thaniyaai
Thungaa yamunaa nadhip pOgaiyilE- kaNNan
Sangaiyum illadhapadi- pangayak kaNNaal mayakki
Engu engO azhaiththuch chenRu nisi vanthaan
UngaL magan naan enRaan! - solli ninRa pin
Thangu thadai inRi veNNai thaarum enRaan
Ingu ivanaik kaNdu iLa nangaiyaraip peRRavargaL
Engi eNNith thavikkinRaar! -naangaL enna seivOmadee!  (thaayE)

Forth complaint:
Charanam no 4.
ThottililE piLLai kiLLi vittathum avai alaRa
Vitta kaariyam agala veNNai thinRaan!
Kattina kanRai avizhththu ettiyum oLiththu vittu
Mattilaath thumbai kazhuththil maattik koNdaan!
Vittu vittu ammE enRaan kanRinaip pOlE
Attiyillaadha maadum ammaa enRathE!
Kittina kuvaLaiyOdum ettinaal un selva magan!
Pattiyil kaRavaiyidam paalai ootturaan adee!  (thaayE)

Fifth complaint: 
Charanam no 5.
ChuRRi chuRRi ennai vanthu aththai veettu vazhi kEttaan
Siththaththukku ettum varaiyil solli ninREn
Aththudan vittaanO paarum aaththankarai vazhi kEttaan
Aththanaiyum sollivittu ninREn 
Viththagamaai onRu kEttaan - naaNamaaguthE!
Muththaththukku vazhi kEttu saththam ittaaNdee
Aththanai idam koduththu meththavum vaLarththu vittaai!
Iththanai avanaich chollak kuththam illaiyeyadee!  (thaayE)

Sixth complaint:
Charanam no 6.
VeNNai veNNai thaarum enRaan! VeNNai thanthaal thinRu vittu
PeNNaith thaarum enRu kaNNadikkiraan!
VaNNamai niruththamaadi maNNinaip paathaththaal eRRik
KaNNilE iraiththu vittuk kaLavaadinaan!
PaNN isaiyum kuzhal oothinaan- kEttu ninRa
PaNbilE arugil vanthu vambugaL seithaan!
PeNNinaththukku enRu vantha puNNIyangaL kOdi kOdi
ENNi unakku aagumadi- kaNNIyaamaaip pOguthadee!  (thaayE)

Seventh complaint:
Charanam no 7.
MunthaanaL anthi nEraththil sontham udan kittE vanthu 
VinthaigaL anEgam seithu viLaiyaadinaan- oru
PanthaLavaagilum veNNai thanthaal viduvEn enRu 
Munthugilaith thottizhuththup pOraadinaan
Antha vaasudhEvan ivan thaan adi yasOdhE!
Mainthan enRu thottu izhuththu madi mEl vaiththEn vaiththaal
Sundara mugaththaik kaNdu sinthai mayangum nEram 
Anthara vaigunthamOdu ellaam kaattinaan adee ! (thaayE)

The English meaning and few comments, defense and the judgement by mother
judge,  we will see in the next post.



PS: Many rasikas may have heard only one or two charanams of this famous
krithi "thaayE yasodhaa". Please note this krithi has 7 charanams and these
are taken from the book compiled by Sri Needamangalam krishnamurthy
bhagavathar. There are few variations in the first charanam itself as sung
by Sri Maharajapuram Santhanam as "vaNorgaL ellaam magizha maanidar ellaam
pughazha neela vaNNak kaNNan ivan". But I have taken the stanza as given in
the book as this meaning is more apt (in my opinion) to the context. 

It is my eedupaadu with kaNNan and the amount of enjoyment I derive when I
listen to this krithi made me to write all the charanams to the forum
members so that they also can enjoy kaNNan. Perhaps the defense and
judgement krithis mentioned may not have appeared in many music platforms
except by very few singers. 

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