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Sri Vanamamalai Divya Desam..

From: Ramanan Rajagopalan (
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 14:20:07 PDT

SriMathe Ramanujaya Namaha:

Dear SriVaishnavas:

Pranams!Adiyen hails from Vanamamalai Divya Desam. Adiyen would 
like to share few facts about the Divya Desam.If you get this 
mail second time,please pardon me.

This is a Swayamvyakta shetram
You can note that Nammalwar is in Sadari(Vanamamalaiye Adiyen 
Thozha Vandharule!)

In that kovil,Thaila kappu is done daily for perumal. 
Thailam is taken from Ennai Kinaru in Temple.Moolavar is in 
sitting posture as in Badri. 
Perumal purappadu is always with his Consort.

Ennaikappu utsavam is conducted on every thai ammavasai.Thaila 
kappu goes on till 12:00 noon with Veda parayanam,followed by 
satrummurai. Chirannam is the prasadam for Vinyogam. Large 
queue stands for that. This prasadam is unique for this 
temple.It takes hours to prepare this.This is prepared by 
boiling annam,with soices in rice. Goshti is very big.

It will be 4:30 to 5:00 pm in the evening when the Prasadam 
with Laddu and vadai is served in mutt.

Moolavar sevai is with Sandhana kappu in the evening. 
The Perumal purappadu can be enjoyed 
when Perumal(Deivanayagan),along with his Divine Consort
(SriVaramangai Nachiar), and Andal Blesses all the devotees.
 Perumal comes out on Garudan,with Thayar on Hamsa vahanam,and 
Andal on Kili Vahanam. Purappadu stars at 2:00 am in the 
morning after the Day of Ennaikappu. Adiyen is pretty sure that 
Bhaktas would really enjoy the most serene atmosphere that time.
Alangaram for Garudan takes long time.Pushpam comes from 
Madurai.Perumal is carried around Mada veedhi,and comes back to 
temple at 7:30 am next morning,after passing through sannadhi 
street.Veda Parayan Goshti is the highlight of this part.

Before this Purappadu,there is another purappadu in the 
late night of UTSAVAM dAY, Pathra Deepa purappadu.WITH the 
divine music,VEDA Parayana Goshti led by Sri.Vanamamalai 
Jeeyar,the whole place will be like Lord's abode.The festival 
is conducted on every Thai Ammavasai,and is conducted by few 
dedicated SriVaishnavas settled for living outside this place 
for past 21 years.

Adiyen is very Delighted and Excited to write about Adiye's 
native place.

One important thing is Thayar's birth place (porantha am)is 

Enamay nilageenda en appane kanna,endrum
ennai aludai Vananayagane mani manikka chudare
Thenamam pozhil than SiriVaramangalathavar Kai Thozha vurai,
Vanamamalaiye Adiyen Thozha Vandharule!

Please pardon me for taking Liberty in  translating the Pasuram.
Thanks for your precious time,
Sri Ramanuja Dasan,
Ramanan Rajagopalan

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