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Re: sayana sEvai Description

From: Vaidehi V (
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 08:25:47 PDT

Dear Bhakti members,

I was plesantly surprised to read this part of Mani's
mail as it reminded me of my mother's description when
my parents went to Thirunarayanapuram last year for
the Vairamudi seva. She is restricted in her travels
by her health and this was one of her joyous trips.
She was so much in praise for the way Perumal
purappadu is done by the Blessed carriers. She
recalled that it was as though Perumal comes very
close to every single person amidst the vast crowds
gathered and gives darshan of his beautifully
decorated self; That she wondered how they manage to
do it and wherever you may be in that crowd, you are
sure to get to see the Perumal very very close. She
said, "Perhaps the Lord thought that I don't get to
see Him often. He made sure that I had great darshan.
It is hard to describe how wonderful it was. "Innum
paru, innum parunnu" solra mathiri ElapaNNRa".

BTW, yesterday in Boston Sri Mahalakshmi temple, Sri
Andal Thirunakshathram was celebrated grandly with
Perumal and Thayar(decorated as Andal) grandly
decorated for Purappadu and then saRRumuRai in the
evening. Thayar Moolavar Thirumanjanam and alankaram
was done earlier in the morning. It was ideally
combined with "Adi Perukku" and we all had Chithrannam
prasadam after darshan.

Next Wednesday is Sri Pandurangan Thirunakshathram,
according to Bhattar.

"eRRaikkum Ezezh piRavikkum undanOdu uRROme AvOm
umakkE naamatceivOm"

Vaidehi V Raja

--- Mani Varadarajan <>
> Kannan Swami said that the sEvai would start at
> 10pm,and perumaaL would slowly make one
> lasting about four hours, ending at about 2am in the
> morning! As He would make his rounds, He would
>swagger this way and that way, leaning from one side
>to another. Kannan
> Swami's anubhavam was that perumaaL does this so
> that even if some poor soul were unable to see Him
>in those crowded conditions, perumaaL would lean and
>make sure that He saw his bhakta!
> dAsan,
> Mani

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