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ANDAL pAsurams home page by SrI Venkat

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 10:13:15 PDT

aDiyEn wishes to express thanks to
SrI Venkat for his tireless efforts in putting
together the home page for pAsurams OF and ON gOdai.
aDiyEn cannot but wonder how much the satsangam 
through bhakti list has brought a huge transformation
in aDiyEn's life and mind. aDiyEn's bhakti anubhavam
with ANDAL is entirely due to the generous mind
of SrI Sadagopan, who not only offered his tamizh
manuscript on nAcciyAr tirumozhi, but also constantly
kept encouraging aDiyEn throughout the translation

Now that NT translation has reached the 11th tirumozhi
and with perumAL and gOdai's grace, the whole series
can be completed pretty soon, aDiyEn has already 
started missing the gOdai anubhavam;  aDiyEn's wish is
to go back to NT 1 to 4 or 5 and start
adding the missing pUrvAcAriyars' commentaries and
have SrI Venkat replace the existing write-up in the
homepage he has created (the idea is not to post again
in the bhakti list on NT once the series is over). 

When aDiyEn first started
translating, SrI PVP's commentary was not easily
understood by aDiyEn and as such could not include
all his anubhavams. Slowly, help was on it way through
gOdai's grace. Denver Varadan gave SrI kr*shnaswAmy
iyengAr's explanation of SrI PVP's vyAkyAnam and that
book helped a lot with understanding SrI PVP's 
anubhavams. Varadan also gave a copy of the commentary
by SrI PBA and that added to the richness of the 
anubhavams.  Finally came the vyAkyAnam of Sri UV,
thanks to SrI Anand KaralpAkkam and the "kadamba
became more colorful.

aDiyEn wishes to express gratitude to SrI Sadagopan,
SrI Varadan and SrI Anand KaralpAkkam for the vishaya
dAnam, without which the translation could not have
been possible.

aDiyEn's huble praNAmams to everyone who has been
sending encouraging emails about the NT translations.

Kalyani Krishnamachari
On this auspicious day of Thiruvadipoorm adiyen is
pleased to
add  some pasurams OF our Thayar and ON our Thayar,on
Srivilliputtur web site,namely the nacciyar thirumozhi
(upto the 10th thirumozhi)which Smt Krishnamachari has
been writing,the
Goda stuti Pasurams which Sri Sadagopan finished
yesterday and the 3
Upadesa Rathna Malai pasurams on Andal .All these can
be accessed at the
pasurams page


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