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Re: The Home Pages for ANDAL Paasurams and SrivilliputthUr AadipUra Uthsava SamarpaNam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 05:13:47 PDT

Dear Sri Venkat Iyengar:

It is a delightful experience
to browse the ANDAL Paasuram pages that you
just relaeased as ANDAL ThEr 
came to nilai at SrivilliputthUr
in this Vikrama sambvathsaram .
It is indeed  a splendid Kaimkaryam 
that your have completed to
string together the commentaries of
Our ThAyAr's Prabhandhams and 
related material! The images are eye filling
as well in the rest of the home pages that you
have created with affection and devotion 
for our Janani.

It is a hall mark Kaimkaryam that 
you have just completed.I am sure that you
will be fine tuning these valuable
material with color , font et al
with time and add new material.
It will be a living page thru which
our Mother will speak to us.

Please accept my personal salutations 
in recognition of the countless hours that you 
have spent to create and populate this 
Home page for Godhai , PeriyAzhwAr and 
Godhai PiRanthavUr.

Sincere thanks to Srimathi KalyANi
KrishNamAcchAri , Dr.B.V.Sheela 
and Mudumbai K.Srinivasan of canada,
U.Ve.Sri BhUvarAhAcchAr Swamy and
all the others for their rich contributions to
these blessed home pages assembled
by You .

DaasAnu Daasan , 
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Satakopan  

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