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self introduction
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 01:44:10 PDT

Hello bhaktas,
I am a new member; and I want to say a few words about me.
 I am a fifty year old woman living in Chembur in mumbai. Born & brought up in a religious and orthodox family in Madras ,we had a good religious grooming in our childhood. 
Though  I got married  to an equally religious family in mumbai, because of family responsibilities, I could not spend more time in pursuit of bhakti and vedanta.
Now,with both my son and daughter married and well settled ,I have started attending divya prabhandam classes in Sri Ahobhila Mutt at Chembur. I feel that I am very fortunate in becoming a member of the great 'Bhakti   list '; I sincerely hope that I 'll learn more about Vaishnavism and Visishtadvaita though I may not be able  to contribute much to it.
Thank you.
Smt. Kalyani Rangarajan

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